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Convert::Cyrillic - Routines for converting from one cyrillic charset to another.


        use Convert::Cyrillic;

        $src = 'koi8';
        $dst = 'win';
        $SrcBuf = 'text in koi8 here';
        $DstBuf = Convert::Cyrillic::cstocs ($Src, $Dst, $SrcBuf); 


This package implements routine for converting from one cyrillic charset to another. It is intended to be used from cgi's which need built-in support for translations. For example, you may wish to use it in form processor to translate from user encoding to one used by your site.

Where $Src and $Dst are one of:

        KOI8 - for KOI8-R 
        DOS - for DOS, alternative, CP-866 
        ISO - for ISO-8859-5 
        WIN - for WIN-1251 
        VOL - for Volapuk (transliteration) 
        MAC - for Macintosh 

Buffer may contain line breaks, which are preserved.


Part of "WWW Cyrillic Encoding Suite" Get docs and newest version from

Copyright (c) 1997-98, John Neystadt <> You may install this script on your web site for free. To obtain permision for redistribution or any other usage contact

Drop me a line if you deploy this script on your site.


John Neystadt <>


perl(1), Lingua::DetectCharset(3).