Johan Lindström
and 1 contributors

Changes for version 0.0174

  • New specific Overview commands:
    • C-o o i -- Inheritance
    • C-o o a -- API
    • C-o o b -- Bookmarks
    • C-o o u -- Uses
    • C-o o h -- NeighbourHood
  • Beta: Run calls to perly_sense as a prepared shell command, if the variable ps/use-prepare-shell-command is non-nil.
    • (setq ps/use-prepare-shell-command t) to enable in your config.
    • This will shave around 1.8s off each call, which is significant. This makes most things _a_lot_ snappier.
  • Removed the NeighbourHood from Class Overview. This was making Class Overview too slow to be useful, and provided little benefit.
    • You can still use C-o o h if you want to see the NeighbourHood.
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