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Changes for version 1.32

  • Bumped up version for Workflow::State to 1.14 considering patches from action_group and test_condition patches from Ivan Paponov implementing support for a group tag on actions
  • Addressing RT #40750 http://rt.cpan.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=40750
    • Removed VERSION file, this has now been obsoleted
    • We are now resolving the version number for the distribution from Workflow.pm the main module, this mean a jump from 0.32 to 1.32, but it does mean that an installation can be traced back to a given distribution
  • Patch to implement proper dynamic names for conditions with a 'test' attribute Added RT: #38024
  • Added List::MoreUtils to requirements, we use this for test, I have moved the test related modules to the build_requires section in Build.PL, so List::MoreUtils is not mistaken for an application level requirement
    • Refactored two tests, to use List::MoreUtils all method (asserting presence of numerous actions)
  • Fixed minor bug in error message in: Workflow::State, reported by Robert Stockdale, RT #38023
  • We introduce a more fine grained control of the auto commit feature, implemented by Jim Brandt
  • We introduce typed condition, implemented by Jim Brandt. Typed conditions makes it possible for different workflows to hold unique methods for workflow steps even with names colliding.
    • Example workflow foo and bar can have a condition baz, but baz are two different implementations in foo and bar respectively
  • time_zone parameter can now be passer around for use by the Workflow DateTime objects internally
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