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Jess Robinson
sqlt - convert SQL schema using SQL::Translator
sqlt-diagram - Automatically create a diagram from a database schema
sqlt-diff - find the differences b/w two schemas
sqlt-diff - find the differences b/w two schemas
sqlt-dumper - create a dumper script from a schema
sqlt-graph - Automatically create a graph from a database schema
SQL::Translator - manipulate structured data definitions (SQL and more)
SQL::Translator::Filter::DefaultExtra - Set default extra data values for schema objects.
SQL::Translator::Filter::Globals - Add global fields and indices to all tables.
SQL::Translator::Filter::Names - Tweak the names of schema objects.
SQL::Translator::Parser - describes how to write a parser
SQL::Translator::Parser::Access - parser for Access as produced by mdbtools
SQL::Translator::Parser::DBI - "parser" for DBI handles
SQL::Translator::Parser::DBI::DB2 - parser for DBD::DB2
SQL::Translator::Parser::DBI::MySQL - parser for DBD::mysql
SQL::Translator::Parser::DBI::Oracle - parser for DBD::Oracle
SQL::Translator::Parser::DBI::SQLServer - parser for SQL Server through DBD::ODBC
SQL::Translator::Parser::DBI::SQLite - parser for DBD::SQLite
SQL::Translator::Parser::DBI::Sybase - parser for DBD::Sybase
SQL::Translator::Parser::Excel - parser for Excel
SQL::Translator::Parser::MySQL - parser for MySQL
SQL::Translator::Parser::Oracle - parser for Oracle
SQL::Translator::Parser::PostgreSQL - parser for PostgreSQL
SQL::Translator::Parser::SQLServer - parser for SQL Server
SQL::Translator::Parser::SQLite - parser for SQLite
SQL::Translator::Parser::Storable - parser for Schema objects serialized with the Storable module
SQL::Translator::Parser::Sybase - parser for Sybase
SQL::Translator::Parser::XML - Alias to XML::SQLFairy parser
SQL::Translator::Parser::XML::SQLFairy - parser for SQL::Translator's XML.
SQL::Translator::Parser::YAML - Parse a YAML representation of a schema
SQL::Translator::Parser::xSV - parser for arbitrarily delimited text files
SQL::Translator::Producer - describes how to write a producer
SQL::Translator::Producer::ClassDBI - create Class::DBI classes from schema
SQL::Translator::Producer::DB2 - DB2 SQL producer
SQL::Translator::Producer::Diagram - ER diagram producer for SQL::Translator
SQL::Translator::Producer::Dumper - SQL Dumper producer for SQL::Translator
SQL::Translator::Producer::GraphViz - GraphViz producer for SQL::Translator
SQL::Translator::Producer::HTML - HTML producer for SQL::Translator
SQL::Translator::Producer::MySQL - MySQL-specific producer for SQL::Translator
SQL::Translator::Producer::Oracle - Oracle SQL producer
SQL::Translator::Producer::POD - POD producer for SQL::Translator
SQL::Translator::Producer::PostgreSQL - PostgreSQL producer for SQL::Translator
SQL::Translator::Producer::SQLServer - MS SQLServer producer for SQL::Translator
SQL::Translator::Producer::SQLite - SQLite producer for SQL::Translator
SQL::Translator::Producer::Storable - serializes the SQL::Translator::Schema object via the Storable module
SQL::Translator::Producer::Sybase - Sybase producer for SQL::Translator
SQL::Translator::Producer::TT::Base - TT (Template Toolkit) based Producer base class.
SQL::Translator::Producer::XML - Alias to XML::SQLFairy producer
SQL::Translator::Producer::XML::SQLFairy - SQLFairy's default XML format
SQL::Translator::Producer::YAML - A YAML producer for SQL::Translator
SQL::Translator::Schema - SQL::Translator schema object
SQL::Translator::Schema::Constraint - SQL::Translator constraint object
SQL::Translator::Schema::Field - SQL::Translator field object
SQL::Translator::Schema::Index - SQL::Translator index object
SQL::Translator::Schema::Object - Base class SQL::Translator Schema objects.
SQL::Translator::Schema::Procedure - SQL::Translator procedure object
SQL::Translator::Schema::Table - SQL::Translator table object
SQL::Translator::Schema::Trigger - SQL::Translator trigger object
SQL::Translator::Schema::View - SQL::Translator view object
SQL::Translator::Utils - SQL::Translator Utility functions
Test::SQL::Translator - Test::More test functions for the Schema objects.
Parse::RecDescent::SQL::Translator::Parser::DB2::Grammar in lib/SQL/Translator/Parser/DB2/Grammar.pm
SQL::Translator::Parser::DB2 in lib/SQL/Translator/Parser/DB2.pm
SQL::Translator::Parser::DB2::Grammar in lib/SQL/Translator/Parser/DB2/Grammar.pm
SQL::Translator::Schema::Graph in lib/SQL/Translator/Schema/Graph.pm
SQL::Translator::Schema::Graph::CompoundEdge in lib/SQL/Translator/Schema/Graph/CompoundEdge.pm
SQL::Translator::Schema::Graph::Edge in lib/SQL/Translator/Schema/Graph/Edge.pm
SQL::Translator::Schema::Graph::HyperEdge in lib/SQL/Translator/Schema/Graph/HyperEdge.pm
SQL::Translator::Schema::Graph::Node in lib/SQL/Translator/Schema/Graph/Node.pm
SQL::Translator::Schema::Graph::Port in lib/SQL/Translator/Schema/Graph/Port.pm

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