sqlfairy user manual
convert SQL schema using SQL::Translator
Automatically create a diagram from a database schema
find the differences b/w two schemas
find the differences b/w two schemas
create a dumper script from a schema
Automatically create a graph from a database schema


manipulate structured data definitions (SQL and more)
determine differences between two schemas
Set default extra data values for schema objects.
Add global fields and indices to all tables.
Tweak the names of schema objects.
describes how to write a parser
parser for Access as produced by mdbtools
"parser" for DBI handles
parser for DBD::DB2
parser for DBD::mysql
parser for DBD::Oracle
parser for SQL Server through DBD::ODBC
parser for DBD::SQLite
parser for DBD::Sybase
parser for PostgreSQL
parser for SQL Server
parser for Schema objects serialized with the Storable module
Alias to XML::SQLFairy parser
parser for SQL::Translator's XML.
Parse a YAML representation of a schema
parser for arbitrarily delimited text files
describes how to write a producer
create Class::DBI classes from schema
ER diagram producer for SQL::Translator
SQL Dumper producer for SQL::Translator
GraphViz producer for SQL::Translator
HTML producer for SQL::Translator
MySQL-specific producer for SQL::Translator
Oracle SQL producer
POD producer for SQL::Translator
PostgreSQL producer for SQL::Translator
MS SQLServer producer for SQL::Translator
SQLite producer for SQL::Translator
serializes the SQL::Translator::Schema object via the Storable module
Sybase producer for SQL::Translator
TT (Template Toolkit) based Producer base class.
Alias to XML::SQLFairy producer
SQLFairy's default XML format
A YAML producer for SQL::Translator
SQL::Translator schema object
SQL::Translator constraint object
SQL::Translator field object
SQL::Translator index object
Base class SQL::Translator Schema objects.
SQL::Translator procedure object
SQL::Translator table object
SQL::Translator trigger object
SQL::Translator view object
SQL::Translator Utility functions
Test::More test functions for the Schema objects.


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in lib/SQL/Translator/Parser/
in lib/SQL/Translator/Parser/DB2/
in lib/SQL/Translator/
in lib/SQL/Translator/Schema/
in lib/SQL/Translator/Schema/Graph/
in lib/SQL/Translator/Schema/Graph/
in lib/SQL/Translator/Schema/Graph/
in lib/SQL/Translator/Schema/Graph/
in lib/SQL/Translator/Schema/Graph/