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Changes for version 0.03

  • remove colons from filenames to prevent tar from getting confused
  • prints error messages after the backup, even if --quiet is specified (for cron jobs)
  • extended filesystem attributes are supported if File::ExtAttr is installed
  • now stores config in a hidden directory on UNIX-like OSes
  • files created by chroniton use the same time for their name throughout (i.e. backup_123456 and log_123456 instead of backup_Jan_02_1970_08:30AM and log_123456.133742)


interface to the chroniton backup system


simple backup system with archiving and incremental backups
compresses old backups, but keeps metadata easily accessible
implements full and incremental backups
stores the contents of a backup set (file list and file metadata)
manages config file for Chroniton
represents an event to be added to the event log (Chroniton::Messages).
represents a file in a the backup set
a message to be added to a Chroniton::Messages queue.
an event log for Chroniton
implements restoration from backups
keeps track of backups between Chroniton invocations