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John Siracusa

Changes for version 0.764

  • Added a "find" method type to many-to-many relationships.
  • Added a "count" method type to ...-to-many relationships.
  • Added support for nested joins.
  • The setup() method now supports a "helpers" shortcut for importing methods from Rose::DB::Object::Helpers.
  • Added the dubious require_primary_key parameter and object attribute to the Loader. (Requested by Teodor Zlatanov)
  • Added two syntaxes for literal SQL to QueryBuilder.
  • Added the with_column_triggers attribute to foreign keys and singular relationships in order to keep columns and related objects in sync.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some optional related objects to be improperly transformed into required objects. (Reported by Ethan Rowe)
  • Improved detection of errors when auto-loading related classes.
  • Duplicate auto-created map record method names are now detected and reported as a fatal error.
  • Added and documented a return value for add_columns().
  • Added module_preamble and module_postamble features to the Loader's make_modules() method. (Patch by David Christensen)
  • Made changes_only, cascade, and prepare_cached arguments to save() also apply to *_on_save collections.
  • Added test and prerequisite version for a Rose::DB bug that prevented certain reserved words from being detected as primary key columns in Postgres. (Reported by Fred Cox)
  • Baseline Oracle support added to the Loader. (Patch by Teodor Zlatanov)
  • The clone() and clone_and_reset() methods now handle missing or differently named accessor/mutator methods.
  • QueryBuilder now supports eq/ne undef for is/is not null comparisons.
  • Foreign key columns that are also primary key columns are no longer set to undef when a foreign object is set to undef. (Reported by Ovid)
  • Fixed a bug that caused values not to be checked against the list of valid values in SET columns. (Reported by Adrian Howard)
  • Fixed a bug that caused column (get/)set methods not to return the correct value when an on_set trigger was applied to the column. (Reported by Cory Bennett)
  • Fixed a bug that caused enum columns to be incorrectly marked as modified in some circumstances. (Reported by Cory Bennett)
  • Fixed a bug that caused inflate/deflate triggers to fail under some circumstances. (Patch by Cory Bennett)
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