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Changes for version 0.85

  • Added object-oriented primitives to components. Components can define methods and attributes and inherit from parent components. Templates can access the current page's methods and attributes for greater flexibility.
  • ** Major improvements/changes to autohandler feature. Autohandlers are now recursive by default, and all applicable autohandlers for a given page get a chance to run. If you have multiple autohandlers in parent/child directories, or if you used autohandlers with allow_recursive_autohandlers=0, you will need to adjust for the new policy.
  • Integrated a revamped parse_component that is cleaner, more modular and easier to subclass. Courtesy of Dave Rolsky.
  • New <%shared> section contains code that executes once per request and whose declarations are visible from the main component, methods and subcomponents alike.
  • Added escape flags for <% %> output. Can now HTML-escape or URI-escape expressions on a site-wide or per-expression basis.
  • Added choice of CGI or Apache::Request when using ApacheHandler. (submitted by Dave Rolsky)
  • Documented $m->clear_buffer, which removes all pending output from the buffer.
  • Fixed keys and expires cache actions from m->cache interface. (suggested by Matt Hoskins)
  • dhandlers can now serve their own directory; added documentation about handling directories.
  • Fixed dhandler bug introduced in 0.81 whereby $m->dhandler_arg only contains the first branch of a multi-branch argument.
  • Removed memory leak in ApacheHandler::handle_request_1. (submitted by Pascal Eeftinck and Renzo Toma)
  • Changed parent_comp() to owner() for subcomponents/methods.
  • Increased maximum recurse level from 16 to 32.
  • Reorganized syntax section of developer's manual and added a "how to use this manual" section.
  • Added an UPGRADE guide to distribution.
  • Added section about securing top-level components to Admin.pod. (suggested by Sean Cazzell)
  • Added section about declining image requests to Admin.pod.
  • Eliminated "Subroutine status_mason redefined" warning when creating multiple ApacheHandlers.
  • Updated cookie expiration in CD-ME example. (reported by Renzo Toma)
  • Added a "-f" flag to rm in faq Makefile. (reported by Jeremy Taylor)
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