Filter::Microsoft - User friendly error messages in Perl


  use Filter::Microsoft;
  open FH, $filename or die "Could not open $filename: $!";


This module is a drop-in-replacement and can be used in existing scripts and modules. It makes $! user friendly, like in Microsoft software.

$! usually contains technical descriptions like "No such file or directory" or "No space left on device". This is useful for developers, but users need error messages they understand.

Microsoft understands users. You may have noticed how user friendly Microsoft software is. Because even Microsoft's software has bugs, the people in Redmond had to come up with simpler error messages.

Filter::Microsoft brings those friendly error messages to Perl.


User friendly messages are used only when $! is in quotelike operators. This allows you to send the real error message over the Internet without letting the user know.


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Juerd Waalboer <> <>


Copyright 2003 by Juerd

This library is not free software; you cannot redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

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