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HTML::ContentExtractor - extract the main content from a web page by analysising the DOM tree!


Version 0.01


    use HTML::ContentExtractor;
    my $extractor = HTML::ContentExtractor->new();
    my $agent=LWP::UserAgent->new;

    my $url='';
    my $res=$agent->get($url);
    my $HTML = $res->decoded_content();

    print $extractor->as_html();
    print $extractor->as_text();


Web pages often contain clutter (such as ads, unnecessary images and extraneous links) around the body of an article that distracts a user from actual content. This module is used to reduce the noise content in web pages and thus identify the content rich regions.

A web page is first parsed by an HTML parser, which corrects the markup and creates a DOM (Document Object Model) tree. By using a depth-first traversal to navigate the DOM tree, noise nodes are identified and removed, thus the main content is extracted. Some useless nodes (script, style, etc.) are removed; the container nodes (table, div, etc.) which have high link/text ratio (higher than threshold) are removed; (link/text ratio is the ratio of the number of links and non-linked words.) The nodes contain any string in the predefined spam string list are removed.

Please notice the input HTML should be encoded in utf-8 format( so do the spam words), thus the module can handle web pages in any language (I've used it to process English, Chinese, and Japanese web pages).

$e = HTML::ContentExtractor->new(%options);

Constructs a new HTML::ContentExtractor object. The optional %options hash can be used to set the options list below.


This is used to get/set the table tags array. The tags are used as the container tags.


This is used to get/set the ignore tags array. The elements of such tags will be removed.


This is used to get/set the spam words list. The elements have such string will be removed.

This is used to get/set the link/text ratio, default is 0.05.


This is used to get/set the min text length, default is 20. If length of the text of an elment is less than this value, this element will be removed.


This is used to perform the extraction process. Please notice the input $HTML must be encoded in UTF-8.


Return the extraction result in HTML format.


Return the extraction result in text format.


Zhang Jun, <jzhang533 at>


Copyright 2007 Zhang Jun, all rights reserved.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.