Lingua::ZH::Romanize::Cantonese - Romanization of Cantonese language


    use Lingua::ZH::Romanize::Cantonese;

    my $conv = Lingua::ZH::Romanize::Cantonese->new();
    my $roman = $conv->char( $hanji );
    printf( "<ruby><rb>%s</rb><rt>%s</rt></ruby>", $hanji, $roman );

    my @array = $conv->string( $string );
    foreach my $pair ( @array ) {
        my( $raw, $ruby ) = @$pair;
        if ( defined $ruby ) {
            printf( "<ruby><rb>%s</rb><rt>%s</rt></ruby>", $raw, $ruby );
        } else {
            print $raw;


This is Cantonese version of Lingua::ZH::Romanize::Pinyin module.

Cantonese is one of the major dialects of Chinese language. Its pronounciation is different from Mandarin Standard's.


This module's Hanji to roman mapping table is based on both of CTLau.tit and CTLauBig5.tit which are distributed with cxterm. Original files were prepared by Fung Fung Lee.

Sidney Lau's Cantonese transcription scheme as described in his book "Elementary Cantonese", The Government Printer, Hong Kong, 1972.




Copyright (c) 2003-2006 Yusuke Kawasaki. All rights reserved.


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