excel2txt - convert Excel data to delimited text files


  excel2txt [options] File1.xls [File2.xls ...]


  -d|--ofs                Output field delimiter (default is Tab)
  -f|--output-format      "txt," "html," "xml" or "yaml" (defaults to "txt")
  -n|--normalize-headers  Normalize column headers (see below)
  -o|--out-dir            Where to place output file (defaults to CWD)
  -q|--quiet              Do not print any status messages

  --help                  Show brief help and exit
  --man                   Show full documentation
  --version               Show version and exit


For each worksheet within an Excel spreadsheet, creates a text file. By default, the output files will be plaint text files using a Tab for the delimiter. Use the "-d" switch to specify a different delimiter such as a comma. You may also choose to create an HTML >table<, an XML file, or a YAML dump using the "-f" option.

The output file names will be normalized such that they will consist of only lowercase letters with spaces replaced by underscores and non-alphabetic characters deleted. The "-n" option will also apply this transformation the column headers. If there is only one worksheet in an spreadsheet, then the output file will simply be the spreadsheet's name; if there is more than one worksheet, then a separate output file will be created using the spreadsheet's name plus the worksheet's name. In any event where the default output file exists and is of a non-zero size, then a "-1" (or "-2," etc.) will be added until a file name is found that is not in use.

By default, progress messages are printed. If you do not wish to see these, use the "-q" flag.




Ken Youens-Clark <>.


Copyright (c) 2005-10 Ken Youens-Clark

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.