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Changes for version 0.989104 - 2023-04-20

  • Document Imperovement
    • Improve the doc of Tokanization.
  • Internal Changes
  • Fix Bug with Incompatible Changes
    • An ASCII a-zA-Z must follow "=" in POD start.
  • Document Fix
    • \0 is a octal escape character.


Executing SPVM programs
Generating Excutable File
Generating SPVM Distribution


SPVM Language
Array Utilities
SPVM object
A Boolean value as An Object
Build Dynamic Libraries for SPVM Distribution
Builder APIs
Compilation and Link of Native Class
Compiler Information
Config for Compiling and Linking Native Classes
Excutable File Config
Config Information
Creating Executable File
Library Information for A Linker
Linker Information
Basic Type Native APIs
Class File Native APIs
Compiler Native APIs
Runtime Environment
Method Native APIs
Object File Information
Builder Utilities
Builder Utility APIs
A byte Value as An Object
Dynamic byte Arrays
Callback interface
A Callback for The grep Method
A Callback for The map Method
A Callback for The map_expand Method
Interface Type to Clone Object
Interface Type for the Callback to Clone a Object
Command Line Information
Interface Type for Object Comparation Callback
Interface Type for double Comparation Callback
Interface Type for float Comparation Callback
Interface Type for int Comparation Callback
Interface Type for long Comparation Callback
Interface Type for String Comparation Callback
double Complex Type
float Complex Type
SPVM Documents
Environment Variables
SPVM Language Specification
Classes in the SPVM Language
Exception Handling in the SPVM Language
Garbage Collection in the SPVM Language
Operators in the SPVM Language
Statements in the SPVM Language
Syntax Parsing in the SPVM Language
System Setting in the SPVM Language
Tokenization in the SPVM Language
Types in the SPVM Language
SPVM Standard Modules
Allocator Native APIs
Basic Type Native APIs
Class File Native APIs
Class Variable Native APIs
String Buffer Native APIs
A double value as An Object
Dynamic double Arrays
Interface Type for Object Equality Checking Callback
a callback implementation of EqualityChecker to check if the memory addresses of the two objects are equal.
Compilation Errors
Not Supported Error
System Error
Invalid UTF8 Errors
SPVM Exchange API
A float value as An Object
Dynamic float Arrays
SPVM Starndard Functions
For Only Resource Tests
Format Utilities
SPVM Global Instance
Hash (Associative Array)
Hash entry
Immutable byte Array
Immutable double Array
Immutable float Array
Immutable int Array
Immutable long Array
Immutable short Array
Immutable string array
An int value as An Object
Dynamic int Arrays
Dynamic Object Array
A long value as An Object
Dynamic long Arrays
Getting the current native environment, stack, runtime, compiler.
Native APIs
Information of Arguments
Information of Basic Types
Information of Class Files
Information of Class Variables
Constant Values in Native APIs
Runtime Environment
Information of Fields
Information of Methods
Call Native::Stack
Point 3D
Executing Callback at End of Scope
A short Value as An Object
Dynamic short Arrays
Sorting Functions
String Buffers
Dynamic string array
A Interface Type to Stringify a Object
Interface Type for Stringing Callback


in lib/SPVM/