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Changes for version 0.219 - 2023-06-14

  • Support Changes
    • Does not support 32bit systems.
  • Requirement Changes
    • Require SPVM::Sys 0.524.
    • Require Perl v5.20.3.
    • Remove Test::TCP requirement.
    • Remove IO 1.55 requirement.
    • Remove Mojolicious requirement.
  • New Features
    • Add IO::Socket#accept method. This has existed, but not documented.
    • Add IO::Socket::IP#accept method.
    • Add IO::Socket::INET#accept method.
    • Add IO::Socket::INET6#accept method.
    • Add IO::Socket::UNIX#accept method.
  • Incompatible Changes
    • The return type of IO::Socket::INET is changed from IO::Socket::IP to IO::Socket::INET.
    • The return type of IO::Socket::INET6 is changed from IO::Socket::IP to IO::Socket::INET6.
  • Bug Fix
    • Fix the bug that IO::Handle#set_blocking method set Blocking field to a wrong value.


File IO, Sockets, Select/Polling.
Directory Streams
File IO
I/O Handling
poll system call
select System Call
IPv4 Sockets
IPv4/IPv6 Sockets
Short Description