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Changes for version 1.02

  • Placed "my" declaration of loop variables inside foreach statements. NOTE THIS MEANS PERL 5.004 IS NOW THE MINIMUM REQUIREMENT!
  • Full names for sub countries now supported (New South Wales as well as NSW) Used look aheads to simplify grammar (thanks to Damian Conway for his help) Removed street prefixes from grammar as they were not needed Returned street type (Road, Lane etc) as a sperate element from street Made property identifiers optional for suburban addresses (Low St. Kew VIC 3012 is OK) Initialised values for all components and properties to empty string Stopped warnings generated by uninitialized strings in grammar Only allow country names that match initializing country string Removed space that was occuring between PO Box and following number Added cases to test file main.t Improved demo.pl Fixed all POD and line terminator errors, thanks to Jason Gallagher
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