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Changes for version 0.02 - 2007-12-15

  • first public release.
  • Changes since 0.01:
  • Fully restartable code was replaced with classic fill-the-buffer-first approach: it turned out that restartability doesn't add much advantage. Lots of beautiful and ugly code gone away.
  • Added support for multiple servers (select machine, CRC32, timeouts).
  • Added script/compare.pl to compare this module to the original Cache::Memcached, and also to measure speed in general.
  • Added Unix socket support, SIGPIPE handling (proper ignoring actually ;)).
  • Added support for serialization of Perl data structures, and for compression.
  • New commands: incr, decr, gets, gets_multi, cas, enable_compression, remove (alias to delete).
  • New client parameters: connect_timeout, io_timeout (aka select_timeout), compress_threshold, compress_ratio, compress_algo, max_failure, failure_timeout.
  • Finally added documentation!
  • Added support for server weights.
  • Added the Ketama consistent hashing algorithm.
  • Added default tests as generated with Module::Starter. Main test case is still messy, should be split into several tests.
  • There's also support for 'noreply'-enabled memcached, but those patches are not (yet) accepted to mainline, so 'noreply' is not an official feature and is not documented.


Perl client for memcached, in C language