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cpantest - Report test results of a package retrieved from CPAN


cpantest uniformly posts package test results in support of the cpan-testers project. See for details.


    cpantest -g grade [ -nc ] [ -auto ] [ -p package ]
             [ email-addresses ]

For MacPerl, save as a droplet, and drop a module archive or unpacked folder on the droplet.


-g grade

grade indicates the success or failure of the package's builtin tests, and is one of:

    grade     meaning
    -----     -------
    pass      all tests included with the package passed
    fail      some tests failed
    na        the package does not work on this platform
    unknown   the package did not include tests
-p package

package is the name of the package you are testing. If you don't supply a value on the command line, you will be prompted for one.


No comment; you will not be prompted to supply a comment about the package.


Autosubmission (non-interactive); you won't be prompted to supply any information that you didn't provide on the command line. Implies -nc.


A list of additional email addresses that should be cc:'d in this report (typically, the package's author).


Kurt Starsinic <>, with patches from the CPAN Testers <>.


    Copyright (c) 1999 Kurt Starsinic.
    This program is free software; you may redistribute it
    and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.