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  Regexp::Match::Any - Match many regexes against a variable



  Version 0.03: Pass match_any() a second arguement of matching options [NOTE: array reference only]


  use Regexp::Match::Any;
  my @array = qw(Foo Bar Wibble);
  my $opt = 'i'; #ignore case
  my $var = "foo";
  if($var =~ match_any(\@array,$opt)){
    print "It matched\n";
    print "It didn't match\n";


  This module allows you to pass the match_any() function a reference to an array of regexes which will
  then return a full regex for the the variable to be matched against. Optionally, you can pass it
  matching arguements such as 'g' or 'i'. Pass these in one variable with no spaces.
  Note: I from personal experience have found this module to be very handy for use with Mail::Audit.


  Scott McWhirter <>


  Copyright (c) 2001, Scott McWhirter. All Rights Reserved.  This module is
  free software. It may be used, redistributed and/or modified under the
  terms of the Perl Artistic License. 
  ( see )