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KiokuDB::Tutorial - Getting started with KiokuDB
POD2::JA::KiokuDB::Tutorial - KiokuDBを始めよう
KiokuDB - Object Graph storage engine
KiokuDB::Backend - Backend interface role
KiokuDB::Backend::Hash - In memory backend for testing purposes.
KiokuDB::Backend::Role::BinarySafe - An informational role for binary data safe backends.
KiokuDB::Backend::Role::Broken - Skip test fixtures
KiokuDB::Backend::Role::Clear - Backend clearing api
KiokuDB::Backend::Role::Query - Backend specific query API
KiokuDB::Backend::Role::Query::Simple::Linear - Query::Simple implemented with a linear scan of all entries.
KiokuDB::Backend::Role::Scan - Root set iteration
KiokuDB::Backend::Role::TXN - Backend level transaction support.
KiokuDB::Backend::Role::TXN::Memory - In memory transactions.
KiokuDB::Backend::Role::TXN::Nested - Informational role for backends supporting rollback of nested transactions.
KiokuDB::Backend::Role::UnicodeSafe - An informational role for binary data safe backends.
KiokuDB::Backend::Serialize - Serialization role for backends
KiokuDB::Backend::Serialize::Delegate - Use a KiokuDB::Serializer object instead of a role to handle serialization in a backend.
KiokuDB::Backend::Serialize::JSON - Role to serialize entries to JSON strings with KiokuDB::Backend::Serialize::JSPON semantics
KiokuDB::Backend::Serialize::JSPON - JSPON serialization helper
KiokuDB::Backend::Serialize::JSPON::Collapser - Collapse entry data to JSPON compliant structures
KiokuDB::Backend::Serialize::JSPON::Converter - Common functionality for JSPON expansion/collapsing
KiokuDB::Backend::Serialize::JSPON::Expander - Inflate JSPON to entry data.
KiokuDB::Backend::Serialize::Storable - Storable based serialization of KiokuDB::Entry objects.
KiokuDB::Backend::Serialize::YAML - YAML::XS based serialization of KiokuDB::Entry objects.
KiokuDB::Backend::TypeMap::Default - A role for backends with a default typemap
KiokuDB::Class - KiokuDB specific metaclass
KiokuDB::Collapser - Collapse object hierarchies to entry data
KiokuDB::Entry - An entry in the database
KiokuDB::GC::Naive - Naive mark and sweep garbage collection
KiokuDB::GIN - Gin assisted recollection
KiokuDB::LinkChecker - Reference consistency checker
KiokuDB::Linker - Relinks live objects from storage entries
KiokuDB::LiveObjects - Live object set tracking
KiokuDB::LiveObjects::Scope - Scope helper object
KiokuDB::LiveObjects::TXNScope - Transaction scope.
KiokuDB::Meta::Attribute::DoNotSerialize - Trait for skipped attributes
KiokuDB::Meta::Attribute::Lazy - Trait for lazy loaded attributes
KiokuDB::Meta::Instance - Moose::Meta::Instance level support for lazy loading.
KiokuDB::Reference - A symbolic reference to another KiokuDB::Entry.
KiokuDB::Role::API - Role for KiokuDB api (used to setup delegations).
KiokuDB::Role::ID - A role for objects who choose their own ID.
KiokuDB::Role::ID::Content - Content dependent object IDs
KiokuDB::Role::Immutable - A role for objects that are never updated.
KiokuDB::Role::Immutable::Transitive - A role for immutable objects that only point at other such objects.
KiokuDB::Role::Intrinsic - A role for value objects
KiokuDB::Role::Scan - A role for entry scanning.
KiokuDB::Role::UUIDs - UUID generation role.
KiokuDB::Role::UUIDs::SerialIDs - Serial ID assignment based on a global counter.
KiokuDB::Role::Upgrade::Data - Classes that provide their own upgrade routine.
KiokuDB::Role::Verbosity - A role for printing diagnosis to STDERR
KiokuDB::Serializer - Standalone serializer object
KiokuDB::Set - Set::Object wrapper for KiokuDB with lazy loading.
KiokuDB::Set::Deferred - Implementation of deferred set.
KiokuDB::Set::Loaded - Implementation of loaded sets
KiokuDB::Set::Storage - Role for KiokuDB::Sets that are tied to storage.
KiokuDB::Set::Stored - Stored representation of KiokuDB::Set objects.
KiokuDB::Set::Transient - Implementation of in memory sets.
KiokuDB::Stream::Objects - Data::Stream::Bulk with live object management.
KiokuDB::Test - Reusable tests for KiokuDB backend authors.
KiokuDB::Thunk - Internal only placeholder for deferred objects
KiokuDB::TypeMap - Class to collapsing/expanding logic.
KiokuDB::TypeMap::ClassBuilders - A typemap for standard class builders
KiokuDB::TypeMap::Composite - A role for KiokuDB::TypeMaps created out of many smaller typemaps
KiokuDB::TypeMap::Default - A standard KiokuDB::TypeMap with predefined entries.
KiokuDB::TypeMap::Default::Canonical - A KiokuDB::TypeMap::Default implementation that canonicalizes the standard types to simplified versions.
KiokuDB::TypeMap::Default::Passthrough - A KiokuDB::TypeMap::Default instance suitable for Storable.
KiokuDB::TypeMap::Entry - Role for KiokuDB::TypeMap entries
KiokuDB::TypeMap::Entry::Alias - An alias in the typemap to another entry
KiokuDB::TypeMap::Entry::Callback - Callback based inflation/deflation of objects
KiokuDB::TypeMap::Entry::MOP - A KiokuDB::TypeMap entry for objects with a metaclass.
KiokuDB::TypeMap::Entry::Naive - A typemap entry for "simple" objects
KiokuDB::TypeMap::Entry::Passthrough - A typemap entry of objects that will be serialized by the backend.
KiokuDB::TypeMap::Entry::Set - A typemap entry for KiokuDB::Sets
KiokuDB::TypeMap::Entry::Std - Role for more easily specifying collapse/expand methods
KiokuDB::TypeMap::Entry::Std::Compile - Provides a compile implementation
KiokuDB::TypeMap::Entry::Std::ID - Provides a default compile_id method
KiokuDB::TypeMap::Entry::Std::Intrinsic - Provides a compile_collapse implementation.
KiokuDB::TypeMap::Entry::StorableHook - Reuse existing Storable hooks for KiokuDB storage.
KiokuDB::TypeMap::Resolver - Caching resolver for KiokuDB::TypeMap
KiokuDB::TypeMap::Shadow - Try a list of KiokuDB::TypeMaps in order
KiokuDB::Util - Utility functions for working with KiokuDB
KiokuDB::GC::Naive::Mark::Results in lib/KiokuDB/GC/Naive/Mark.pm
KiokuDB::GC::Naive::Sweep::Results in lib/KiokuDB/GC/Naive/Sweep.pm
KiokuDB::Test::BLOB in lib/KiokuDB/Test/Fixture/Overwrite.pm
KiokuDB::TypeMap::Composite::TypeMapAttr in lib/KiokuDB/TypeMap/Composite.pm
Changes for version 0.57
    • stop using Class::MOP::load_class (perigrin, #4)

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