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Changes for version 2.71_4350 - 2013-10-25

  • NEW - report service status.
  • NEW - report job exitstatus (if completed).
  • NEW - report job metainfo, args, and log msgs.
  • helios_config_*.pl: added documentation.
  • Helios::Config - fixed warning using getParam().

Changes for version 2.71_4250 - 2013-10-18

  • Helios::Config:
    • NEW set/get/unsetParam() methods to more easily work with individual config parameters in the HELIOS_PARAMS_TB table.
    • NEW helios_config_*.pl commands to make Helios config params more accessible to shell scripts and other utilities.
    • parseConfDb(): combined the 2 separate database queries into 1 to reduce database calls when config is updated.
    • separated Helios config parameter documentation into Helios::Configuration POD.
  • Helios::Service:
    • Added JobLockInterval() functionality to control the amount of time jobs are locked from a Helios API. Previously, the only way to control the amount of time jobs were locked was to override TheSchwartz::Worker's grab_for() method.
    • Changed hostname lookup handling to reduce the number of calls to Sys::Hostname::hostname().
    • Changed cmd line option handling so --help and --version work again.
    • Added startup message to report the dsn of the collective database is connected to.
    • Replaced most Error module-based try {} blocks with eval {}
    • Updated POD with new cmd options and referenced Helios::Configuration.
  • Helios::Job - replaced usage of Helios::TheSchwartz with the new Helios::TS class.
  • Helios::JobType - added debug() accessor method.
  • Makefile.PL: Added all helios_config_*.pl commands above and to EXE_FILES. Removed old LICENSE line.

Changes for version 2.71_4051 - 2013-10-04

  • Added code for "virtual jobtypes" - jobtypes w/o a service class. Allows a service to handle jobs of multiple jobtypes without creating new service classes.
  • NEW Helios::ObjectDriver class to improve driver init handling.
  • NEW Helios::JobType class to represent jobtypes; there should no longer be a need to use TheSchwartz::FuncMap directly.
  • NEW Helios::TS and Helios::TS::Job to:
    • replace Helios::TheSchwartz as a full-featured TheSchwartz subclass.
    • implement virtual jobtypes.
    • fix [RT79690] by dumping Helios::TS::Job objects w/o arg() values before they are passed to the higher Helios layers.
  • NEW to handle adding new jobtypes from the command line.
    • now handles @ARGV completely differently to support virtual jobtype specification and add other options in future.
    • uses Helios::TS instead of Helios::TheSchwartz
  • Helios::Service:
    • new, better constructor
    • ton of NEW methods to support virtual jobtypes: set/getJobType() addAltJobType() set/getAltJobTypes() set/getAltJobtypeids() addAltJobtypeid() lookupAltJobtypeids() lookupJobtypeid()
    • jobsWaiting(): rewritten to support multiple, "virtual" jobtypes

Changes for version 2.71_3860 - 2013-09-21

  • Added PRIORITIZE_JOBS feature.
  • Added WORKER_LAUNCH_PATTERN feature.


CGI script to receive jobs for Helios via HTTP POST
Launch a daemon to service jobs in the Helios job processing system
get a config parameter's value from the Helios collective database
import a INI-style config file into the Helios database
set a config param's value in the Helios database
delete a config param's value from the Helios database
Submit a job to the Helios job processing system from the cmd line
Add a jobtype to the Helios collective database
Clean old log and history entries from the Helios database
Helios configuration parameter reference
a tutorial for getting started with Helios


install all Helios related modules
a distributed job processing system
base class for Helios configuration system
a convenience class to import all Helios::Error exception classes
base exception class for Helios services
exception class for Helios indicating a configuration error occurred
exception class for Helios indicating a database error occurred
fatal exception class for Helios indicating a job failed but can be re-attempted
fatal exception class for Helios indicating a job failed and the error was so serious the job should not be reattempted.
exception class for Helios indicating a job's args are invalid
exception class for Helios indicating a jobtype error occurred
exception class for Helios indicating an error occurred in the logging subsystem
exception class for Helios indicating an object driver error occurred
exception class for Helios indicating a job was successful but it encountered errors during processing
base class for jobs in the Helios job processing system
class to represent Helios jobtypes
Base class for sending Helios logging information to external loggers
Helios::Logger subclass implementing Helios internal logging
base class for metajob burst services in Helios
class to return Helios::ObjectDriver::DBI objects pointing to the collective database
Data::ObjectDriver subclass for Helios
base class for services in the Helios job processing system
TheSchwartz subclass for Helios
TheSchwartz::Job subclass for Helios
Helios::Service subclass useful for testing
TheSchwartz subclass for Helios


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