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Changes for version 2.71_4460

  • Minor changes and fixes to new commands:
  • helios_config_get.pl: fixed problem with not returning param values set in helios.ini.
  • helios_config_set.pl: fixed problem with setting param values that evaluate to false.
  • helios_config_unset.pl: changed output to make it more consistent with the other new commands.
  • helios_job_status.pl, helios_job_info.pl: specifying --jobid no longer required; the first arg is assumed to be the jobid.
  • helios_job_submit.pl: -v and -n now work in addition to --verbose and --no-validate.
  • helios_service_status.pl: separated service version to its own line in output. Added '--epoch-time' option to report time in epoch seconds instead of localtime() format.
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