Jonathan Leto

Changes for version 0.04

  • ported to Module::Build
  • ported tests to Test::More and added some rigours tests which
  • verify given analytic solutions at various step sizes
    • one can now access computed values with $o->values_at() which returns an array of values at a given point
    • default behaviour changes to retain values internally instead of printing to STDOUT if no { file => $foo } attribute was given
    • one can turn off saving computing values in memory with keep_values = 0 in the arguments to init like
      • my $ode = new Math::ODE ( file => 'data', keep_values => 0, etc... );
      • This may be useful if you have a fine mesh size and/or long batch jobs.
    • $o->evolve() now returns true on success and undefined on numerical error
  • fixed off-by-one bug in _store_values
  • added $o->max_error([ $subref1, $subref2 ] ) to calculate maximum error from a Math::ODE object and an analytic solution, given as an array ref of code refs
  • t/values_at.t
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