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This document describes version 0.35 of Perl6::Doc, released February 3, 2008.


    > p6doc -h     # Show p6doc help
    > p6doc -c     # Show Table of Contents
    > p6doc s05    # Browse Synopsis 05
    > p6doc 5      # Same thing


This Perl module distribution contains all the latest Perl 6 documentation and a utility called p6doc for viewing it.

Below is the list of documents that are currently available; a number in the column indicates, the document is currently available. An asterisk next to a number means that the document is an unofficial draft written by a member of the Perl community but not approved by the Perl 6 Design Team. The pages after the first section are anyway no Design docs.


    S01  The Ugly, the Bad, and the Good   (A01)
    S02  Bits and Pieces                   (A02) (E02)
    S03  Operators                         (A03) (E03)
    S04  Syntax                            (A04) (E04)
    S05  Pattern Matching                  (A05) (E05)
    S06  Subroutines                       (A06) (E06)
         Formats                                 (E07)
    S09  Data Structures
    S10  Packages
    S11  Modules
    S12  Objects                           (A12)
    S13  Overloading
    S16* IPC / IO / Signals  
    S17* Concurrency
         Debugging                         (A20*)
    S22* CPAN
         Portable Perl
    S26  Perl Documentation
    S27* Perl Culture
    S28* Special Names
    S29  Functions

    F01  FAQ::Captures
    F02  FAQ::FUD

    O01  Overview
    O03  Overview::Operator
    O04  Overview::Smartmatch
    O05  Overview::Reduce
    O07  Overview::Variable
    O08  Overview::Data
    O10  Overview::File
    O12  Overview::Functions
    O14  Overview::Control
    O15  Overview::Subroutine
    O17  Overview::Object
    O20  Overview::Rule

    T01  Tutorial perlintro

    M01  Report on the Perl 6 Announcement
    M02  What is Perl 6 ?
    M03  A Plan for Pugs
    M04  Everyday Perl 6
    M05  Yet Another Perl 6 Operator (Microarticles)
    M06  The Beauty of Perl 6 Parameter Passing


Perl6::Doc was before Perl6::Bible which is now depreciated. We changed that name, because we now deliver much more content than just the Apocalypses, Exegeses and Synopses.

If you are interested in helping out the documentation project, please contact us on #perl6 or You can also help greatly by editing the official Perl 6 wiki under:

Design Docs

These texts help to understand the genesis, but also the current state of the language Perl 6 on a syntactic level. (Thatswhy they are also called Perl 6 Bible, but maybe also because of Larry Wall's theological background.) They are placed in the "Perl6/Doc/Design" directory inside of this distribution.

Apocalypses (outdated)

The document codes A01 - A20 refer to the Perl 6 Apocalypses.

Larry Wall started the Apocalypse (latin for revelation) series as a systematic way of answering the RFCs (Request For Comments) that started the design process for Perl 6. Each Apocalypse corresponds to a chapter in the book Programming Perl, 3rd edition, and addresses the features relating to that chapter in the book that are likely to change.

Larry addresses each relevant RFC, and gives reasons why he accepted or rejected various pieces of it. But each Apocalypse also goes beyond a simple "yes" and "no" response to attack the roots of the problems identified in the RFCs.

Exegeses (outdated)

The document codes E02 - E07 refer to the Perl 6 Exegeses.

Damian Conway's Exegeses (latin for explanation) are extensions of each Apocalypse. Each Exegesis is built around a practical code example that applies and explains the new ideas.


The document codes S01 - S33 refer to the Perl 6 Synopses.

The Synopsis (latin for comparison) started as a fast to read diff between Perl 5 and 6. Because they are also easier to maintain, all changes of the language, that are evolving from the design process are written down here first. The Apocalypses and Exegeses are frozen as "historic documents".

In other words, these docs may change slightly or radically. But the expectation is that they are "very close" to the final shape of Perl 6.

The Synopsis documents are to be taken as the formal specification for Perl 6 implementations, while still being reference documentation for Perl 6, like Programming Perl is for Perl 5.

Note that while these documents still being subjected to the rigours of cross-examination through implementation.

Perl 6 User Documentation

Overview and FAQ

These are shorter summaries about a smaller specific topic. They are written mostly by the crazy Pugs people and replacing some of the outdated Synopses that are still marked as [Draft].

Tutorial (building up)

This is an community driven effort to translate the Perl 5 manpages into the shiny Perl 6 world. There are still are half way through the intro.

Perl Tables

Reference styled set of wiki pages made by myself.

Magazine articles

Helpful articles from ( and $foo ( See the authors name in the section "SCRIBES", right below.


Perl6::Doc provides a class method to get the raw text of a document:

    my $text = Perl6::Doc->get_raw('s01');


This Copyright applies only to the Perl6::Doc Perl software distribution, not the documents bundled within.

Copyright (c) 2007. Ingy döt Net, Herbert Breunung. All rights reserved.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.



Collection of docs is currently done by:

Herbert Breunung <>


A couple of paragraphs from Perl 6 Essentials were used for the overview. Most of the Bible docs (Apocalypses, Exegeses, Synopses) are from the official Perl development site.

All draft Synopses, Overview, FAQ and Tutorial pages were taken out of the Pugs SVN repository.

Articles are from:


These are the authors of the included docs, named in the order their work was added :

* Larry Wall <>

* Damian Conway <>

* Luke Palmer <>

* Allison Randal <>

* Audrey Tang <>

* Ingy döt Net <> ()

* Sam Vilain <> ()

* Kirrily "Skud" Robert <>

* Moritz Lenz <>

* David Koenig <>

* Jonathan Scott Duff <>

* Phil Crow <>

* chromatic <>

* Mark-Jason Dominus <>

* Shmarya <>

* Pawel Murias <>

* Herbert Breunung <>

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