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hades - hades


        lnation:High lnation$ hades -e 'Kosmos { penthos curae nosoi geras { if ($_[0]->penthos == $_[0]->nosoi) { return $_[0]->curae; } } }';


file -f

Provide a file to read in.

eval -e

Provide a string to eval.

dist -d

Provide a name for the distribution.

lib -l

Provide a path where the generated files will be compiled.

author -a

The author of the distribution/module.

mail -m

The authors email of the distribution/module

version -v

The version number of the distribution/module.

realm -r

The Hades realm that is used to generate the code

verbose -v

Print hades build steps to STDOUT.

debug -debug

Step through the hades build.