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CORBA::MICO - Perl module implementing CORBA 2.0 via MICO


  use CORBA:::MICO ids => [ 'IDL:Account/Account:1.0' => undef,
                            'IDL:Account/Counter:1.0' => undef ];


The MICO module is a Perl interface to the MICO ORB. It is meant, in the spirit of MICO, to be a clean, simple, system, at the expense of speed, if necessary.

Arguments to 'use MICO'

Arguments in the form of key value pairs can be given after the 'use MICO' statement.

ids. The value of the argument is a array reference which contains pairs of the form:

REPOID is the repository id of an interface to pre-load. FALLBACK_IDL_FILE is the name of an IDL file to load the interface from if it is not found in the interface repository. This capability is not yet implemented.

Language Mapping

See the description in CORBA::MICO::mapping.

Functions in the CORBA module

ORB_init ID

Methods of CORBA::Any

new ( TYPE, VALUE )

Constructs a new any from TYPE (of class CORBA::TypeCode) and VALUE.


Returns the type of the any.


Returns the value of the any.

Methods of CORBA::BOA

impl_is_ready ( IMPLEMENTATION_DEF )
deactivate_impl ( IMPLEMENTATION_DEF )
obj_is_ready ( OBJ, IMPLEMENTATION_DEF )
deactivate_obj ( OBJ )
dispose ( OBJ )

Methods of CORBA::BOAObjectRestorer

add_binders ( [ REPOID => CALLBACK ] ... )
add_restorers ( [ REPOID => CALLBACK ] ... )

Methods of CORBA::MICO::GtkDispatcher


Methods of CORBA::Object

_set_repoid ( REPOID )

Specify the repository ID of the interface that this object implements.

Methods of CORBA::ORB

bind ( REPOID, [ OBJECT_TAG [, ADDR ]] )
BOA_init ( ID )
dispatcher ( DISPATCHER )
object_to_string ( OBJ )
resolve_initial_references ( ID )
string_to_object ( STRING )
preload ( REPOID )

Force the interface specified by REPOID to be loaded from the Interface Repository. Returns a true value if REPOID represents interface (dk_Interface), false otherwise. In case of fail method calls Carp::croak().

Methods of CORBA::TypeCode

new ( REPOID )

Create a new typecode object for the type with the repository id REPOID. Support for the basic types is provided by the pseudo-repository IDs 'IDL:CORBA/XXX:1.0', where XXX is one of Short, Long, UShort, ULong, UShort, ULong, Float, Double, Boolean, Char, Octet, Any, TypeCode, Principal, Object or String. Note that the capitalization here agrees with the C++ names for the types, not with that found in the typecode constant.

In the future, this scheme will probably be revised, or replaced.


Owen Taylor <>