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Vincent Pit
LaTeX::TikZ - Perl object model for generating PGF/TikZ code.
LaTeX::TikZ::Formatter - LaTeX::TikZ formatter object.
LaTeX::TikZ::Functor - Build functor methods that recursively visit nodes of a LaTeX::TikZ::Set tree.
LaTeX::TikZ::Functor::Rule - An object that specifies how functors should handle a certain kind of set or mod.
LaTeX::TikZ::Interface - LaTeX::TikZ public interface register and loader.
LaTeX::TikZ::Meta::TypeConstraint::Autocoerce - Type constraint metaclass that autoloads type coercions.
LaTeX::TikZ::Mod - Base role for LaTeX::TikZ modifiers.
LaTeX::TikZ::Mod::Clip - A modifier that clips sequences with a path.
LaTeX::TikZ::Mod::Color - A modifier that sets the line color.
LaTeX::TikZ::Mod::Fill - A modifier that fills a closed path with a color.
LaTeX::TikZ::Mod::Formatted - Intermediate object between a modifier object and its code representation.
LaTeX::TikZ::Mod::Layer - A modifier that specifies a drawing layer.
LaTeX::TikZ::Mod::Pattern - A modifier that fills a closed path with a pattern.
LaTeX::TikZ::Mod::Pattern::Dots - A dotted pattern modifier.
LaTeX::TikZ::Mod::Pattern::Lines - An hatched pattern modifier.
LaTeX::TikZ::Mod::Raw - A literal TikZ modifier.
LaTeX::TikZ::Mod::Width - A modifier that sets the line width.
LaTeX::TikZ::Point - Internal representation of what LaTeX::TikZ consider as 2D points.
LaTeX::TikZ::Point::Math::Complex - Coerce Math::Complex points into LaTeX::TikZ::Point objects.
LaTeX::TikZ::Scope - An object modeling a TikZ scope or layer.
LaTeX::TikZ::Set - Base role for LaTeX::TikZ set objects.
LaTeX::TikZ::Set::Arc - A combined set object representing an arc.
LaTeX::TikZ::Set::Arrow - A combined set object representing an arrow.
LaTeX::TikZ::Set::Circle - A set object representing a circle.
LaTeX::TikZ::Set::Line - A set object representing a line.
LaTeX::TikZ::Set::Mutable - A role for set objects that can be appended to.
LaTeX::TikZ::Set::Op - A role for set objects that can be part of a path.
LaTeX::TikZ::Set::Path - A set object representing a path.
LaTeX::TikZ::Set::Point - A set object representing a point.
LaTeX::TikZ::Set::Polyline - A set object representing a possibly closed path composed of contiguous lines.
LaTeX::TikZ::Set::Raw - A literal chunk of TikZ code.
LaTeX::TikZ::Set::Rectangle - A set object representing a rectangle.
LaTeX::TikZ::Set::Sequence - A set object grouping a sequence of objects.
LaTeX::TikZ::Tools - Miscellaneous tools for LaTeX::TikZ classes.
Changes for version 0.02
    • Add : The functor rules now default to be appended to the list of existent rules ; except if there's already a rule of the same name, in which case it is always replaced. If you want to replace all the subclass/subroles, prepend the target name by '+'.
    • Chg : INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE : LT::Mod->cover was renamed to LT::Mod->covers.
    • Chg : The default space width for Dots and Lines patterns has been bumped to 10.
    • Chg : perl 5.8 is required.
    • Doc : Completed documentation of LT::Formatter, LT::Functor and LT::Meta::TC::Autocoerce.
    • Doc : Many typos were fixed.
    • Fix : Some raw and pattern mods could be wrongly optimized away.
    • Fix : Warnings with Moose 1.09.
    • Tst : Test autocoercion in t/02-autocoerce.t.
    • Tst : More user tests.

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