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עידו פרלמוטר (Ido Perlmuter)
Leyland::Manual - Manual for the Leyland web application framework
Leyland::Manual::Applications - Leyland application structure and creation
Leyland::Manual::Controllers - Creating Leyland controllers
Leyland::Manual::Deployment - How to deploy Leyland applications
Leyland::Manual::Exceptions - How to throw HTTP exceptions with Leyland
Leyland::Manual::Extending - How to extend Leyland
Leyland::Manual::FAQ - Frequently asked questions about Leyland
Leyland::Manual::Localization - Localizing Leyland applications
Leyland::Manual::Logging - How to use a log in Leyland applications
Leyland::Manual::Models - How to use models in Leyland applications
Leyland::Manual::StaticFiles - How to serve static files from your application
Leyland::Manual::Upgrading - Guide for upgrading Leyland for existing applications
Leyland::Manual::Views - Using Leyland view classes
Leyland - RESTful web application framework based on Plack
Leyland::Context - The working environment of an HTTP request and Leyland response
Leyland::Controller - Leyland controller base class
Leyland::Exception - Throwable class for Leyland application exceptions
Leyland::Localizer - Wrapper for the Locale::Wolowitz localization system for Leyland apps
Leyland::Logger - Wrapper around Plack's logging middlewares
Leyland::Negotiator - Performs HTTP negotiations for Leyland requests
Leyland::Parser - Provides the sweet REST syntax for Leyland controller routes
Leyland::Parser::Route - Parses route definitions in Leyland controllers
Leyland::View - Leyland view base class
Leyland::View::Tenjin - Tenjin view class for Leyland
Changes for version 1.000002
  • Bugfix: certain attributes had the default option as scalar instead of coderef (Moo)
  • Bugfix: specified requirement for Plack was wrong, as the tests require v1.0029
    • (thanks Graham Knop)

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