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Makamaka Hannyaharamitu
Apache::JSONRPC - mod_perl-based JSON-RPC server
JSON - parse and convert to JSON (JavaScript Object Notation).
JSONRPC - Perl implementation of JSON-RPC protocol
JSON::Converter in lib/JSON/Converter.pm
JSON::NotString in lib/JSON/Parser.pm
JSON::Parser in lib/JSON/Parser.pm
JSONRPC::Client in lib/JSONRPC.pm
JSONRPC::Response in lib/JSONRPC.pm
JSONRPC::Transport::HTTP::Apache in lib/JSONRPC/Transport/HTTP.pm
JSONRPC::Transport::HTTP::CGI in lib/JSONRPC/Transport/HTTP.pm
JSONRPC::Transport::HTTP::Client in lib/JSONRPC/Transport/HTTP.pm
JSONRPC::Transport::HTTP::Daemon in lib/JSONRPC/Transport/HTTP.pm
JSONRPC::Transport::HTTP::Server in lib/JSONRPC/Transport/HTTP.pm
Changes for version 1.00
    • JSONRPC and JSONRPC::Transport::HTTP was changed largely. If you have used this module, please pay attention to it before using.
    • improved _stringfy() in JSON::Converter to make more fast. (thanks to Alden DoRosario" <adorosario[at]chitika.com>)
    • modified JSONRPC::Transport::HTTP totally. now JSONRPC::Transport::HTTP requires HTTP::Request & HTPP::Response.
    • added Apache::JSONRPC and JSONRPC::Transport::HTTP::Apache.
    • added doc of JSONRPC::Transport::HTTP::Daemon.
    • modified find_method() in JSONRPC to set paths to service. and added t/rpc03-query2.t
    • added JSONRPC::Transport::HTTP::Client. requires LWP::UserAgent.
    • added unmapping option. added t/04-json_opt.t & modified t/02-base.t
    • added barekey option and single quotation option. JSON::Parser supports to parse {foo => "bar"} or {foo => 'bar'}.

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