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Changes for version 1.876

  • Allow percentage above 100% for max_workers in MCE.
  • MCE::Child update. Improved _ordhash. Renamed JOINED to REAPED in code for better clarity. Specify a percentage for max_workers. Added t/05_mce_child_max_workers.t


Documentation describing the core MCE API
Various examples and demonstrations


Many-Core Engine for Perl providing parallel processing capabilities
Sugar methods and output iterators
Queue-like and two-way communication capability
Channel for producer(s) and many consumers
Channel tuned for one producer and one consumer
Channel for producer(s) and many consumers
A threads-like parallelization module compatible with Perl 5.8
Sequence of numbers (for task_id > 0)
File path and Scalar reference input reader
Iterator reader
Array reference and Glob reference input reader
Sequence of numbers (for task_id == 0)
Core methods for the manager process
Core validation methods for Many-Core Engine
Core methods for the worker process
Parallel flow model for building creative applications
Parallel grep model similar to the native grep function
MCE model for building parallel loops
Parallel map model similar to the native map function
Locking for Many-Core Engine
Mutex locking via a pipe or socket
Provides two mutexes using a single channel
Mutex locking via Fcntl
Hybrid (normal and priority) queues
Extends Many-Core Engine with relay capabilities
Temporary directory creation/cleanup and signal handling
Parallel step model for building creative steps
Parallel stream model for chaining multiple maps and greps
Exports functions mapped directly to MCE methods
Utility functions