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Changes for version 3.51

    • A new option to set $CGI::Carp::TO_BROWSER = 0, allows you to explicitly exclude a particular scope from triggering printing to the browser when fatatlsToBrowser is set. (RT#62783, Thanks to papowell)
    • The <script> tag now supports the "charset" attribute. (RT#62907, Thanks to Fabrice Metge)
    • In CGI::Cookie, "Max-Age" is now supported for better spec compliance. (Mark Stosberg)
    • Setting charset() now works for all content types, not just "text/*". (RT#57945, Thanks to Yanick and Gerv.)
    • support for user temporary directories ($HOME/tmp) was commented out in 2.61 but the documentation wasn't updated (Peter Gervai, Niko Tyni)
    • setting $CGITempFile::TMPDIRECTORY before loading CGI.pm has been working but undocumented since 3.12 (which listed it in Changes as $CGI::TMPDIRECTORY) (Peter Gervai, Niko Tyni)
    • unfortunately the previous change broke the runtime check for looking for a new temporary directory if the current one suddenly became unwritable (Peter Gervai, Niko Tyni)
    • A bug was fixed in CGI::Carp triggered by certain death cases in the BEGIN phase of parent classes. (RT#57224, Thanks to UNERA, Yanick Champoux, Mark Stosberg)
    • CGI::Cookie->new() now follows the documentation and returns undef if the -name and -value args aren't provided. This new behavior is also consistent with the docs and code of CGI::Simple::Cookie. (Mark Stosberg)
    • CGI::Cookie->parse() now trims leading and trailing whitespace from cookie elements as intended. The change also makes this part of the parsing identical to CGI::Simple::Cookie (Mark Stosberg)
    • Temp file handling was improved (RT#62762)
    • Further improvements have been made to guard against newline injections in headers. (Thanks to Max Kanat-Alexander, Yanick Champoux, Mark Stosberg)
    • Make EBCDIC a compile-time constant so there's zero overhead (and less compiled code) in subroutines that test for it. (Tim Bunce)
    • If you just want to use CGI::Cookie, CGI.pm will no longer be loaded unless you call the bake() method, which requires it. (Mark Stosberg)
    • quit referring to the <link> tag as being "rarely used". (Victor Sanders)
    • typo and whitespace fixes (RT#62785, thanks to scop@cpan.org)
    • The -dtd argument to start_html() is now documented (RT#60473, Thanks to giecrilj and steve@fisharerojo.org)
    • CGI::Carp doc are updated to reflect that it can work with mod_perl 2.0.
    • when creating a temporary file in the directory fails, the error message could indicate the root of the problem better (Peter Gervai, Niko Tyni)
    • Re-fixing https test in http.t. (RT#54768, thanks to SPROUT)
    • param_fetch no longer triggers a warning when called with no arguments (ysth, Mark Stosberg)
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  • CGI - Handle Common Gateway Interface requests and responses
  • CGI::Apache - Backward compatibility module for CGI.pm
  • CGI::Carp - CGI routines for writing to the HTTPD (or other) error log
  • CGI::Cookie - Interface to HTTP Cookies
  • CGI::Fast - CGI Interface for Fast CGI
  • CGI::Pretty - module to produce nicely formatted HTML code
  • CGI::Push - Simple Interface to Server Push
  • CGI::Switch - Backward compatibility module for defunct CGI::Switch
  • CGI::Util - Internal utilities used by CGI module