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Changes for version 3.51

    • A new option to set $CGI::Carp::TO_BROWSER = 0, allows you to explicitly exclude a particular scope from triggering printing to the browser when fatatlsToBrowser is set. (RT#62783, Thanks to papowell)
    • The <script> tag now supports the "charset" attribute. (RT#62907, Thanks to Fabrice Metge)
    • In CGI::Cookie, "Max-Age" is now supported for better spec compliance. (Mark Stosberg)
    • Setting charset() now works for all content types, not just "text/*". (RT#57945, Thanks to Yanick and Gerv.)
    • support for user temporary directories ($HOME/tmp) was commented out in 2.61 but the documentation wasn't updated (Peter Gervai, Niko Tyni)
    • setting $CGITempFile::TMPDIRECTORY before loading CGI.pm has been working but undocumented since 3.12 (which listed it in Changes as $CGI::TMPDIRECTORY) (Peter Gervai, Niko Tyni)
    • unfortunately the previous change broke the runtime check for looking for a new temporary directory if the current one suddenly became unwritable (Peter Gervai, Niko Tyni)
    • A bug was fixed in CGI::Carp triggered by certain death cases in the BEGIN phase of parent classes. (RT#57224, Thanks to UNERA, Yanick Champoux, Mark Stosberg)
    • CGI::Cookie->new() now follows the documentation and returns undef if the -name and -value args aren't provided. This new behavior is also consistent with the docs and code of CGI::Simple::Cookie. (Mark Stosberg)
    • CGI::Cookie->parse() now trims leading and trailing whitespace from cookie elements as intended. The change also makes this part of the parsing identical to CGI::Simple::Cookie (Mark Stosberg)
    • Temp file handling was improved (RT#62762)
    • Further improvements have been made to guard against newline injections in headers. (Thanks to Max Kanat-Alexander, Yanick Champoux, Mark Stosberg)
    • Make EBCDIC a compile-time constant so there's zero overhead (and less compiled code) in subroutines that test for it. (Tim Bunce)
    • If you just want to use CGI::Cookie, CGI.pm will no longer be loaded unless you call the bake() method, which requires it. (Mark Stosberg)
    • quit referring to the <link> tag as being "rarely used". (Victor Sanders)
    • typo and whitespace fixes (RT#62785, thanks to scop@cpan.org)
    • The -dtd argument to start_html() is now documented (RT#60473, Thanks to giecrilj and steve@fisharerojo.org)
    • CGI::Carp doc are updated to reflect that it can work with mod_perl 2.0.
    • when creating a temporary file in the directory fails, the error message could indicate the root of the problem better (Peter Gervai, Niko Tyni)
    • Re-fixing https test in http.t. (RT#54768, thanks to SPROUT)
    • param_fetch no longer triggers a warning when called with no arguments (ysth, Mark Stosberg)


Handle Common Gateway Interface requests and responses
Backward compatibility module for CGI.pm
CGI routines for writing to the HTTPD (or other) error log
Interface to HTTP Cookies
CGI Interface for Fast CGI
module to produce nicely formatted HTML code
Simple Interface to Server Push
Backward compatibility module for defunct CGI::Switch
Internal utilities used by CGI module


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in lib/CGI.pm
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