This is PGP::Mail. It is provided under the GPL or Artistic Licence
at your preference. It was written as a solution to a problem that
really ought to have a module on the CPAN, however, when I looked,
I couldn't find one. There are umpteen better ways to write it, but
most of them seemed to involve sub-classing large parts of
MIME::Parser which I didn't want to have to do. In essence, the point
is that for the moment, it is BALGE (By And Large, Good Enough). If
you want to take it as a base, please feel free, if you want to send
me patches, ditto.

Consider it Alpha-quality software, however, but Alpha quality that
works well enough for the simple job it currently does. See the
perldoc for more information.

Versions before 1.6 may encounter obscure line ending bugs where signatures
fail to verify properly.