Marcus Harnisch

Changes for version 0.98

  • ( Instead of quoting percent-signs in syslog()-wrapper, simply pass the string to libc-syslog() as string argument via %s. Reported by Gisle Aas <>.
  • (Syslog.xs) When calling libc-syslog() internally, pass message as string argument, not as format string.
    • Copy ident-argument using some Perl-API functions. Just using a reference counter had unwanted side-effects. Reported by Gisle Aas <>.
  • (TODO) Declared only plan for extending Unix::Syslog for unfeasable with current versions of Perl.
  • Renamed distribution archive to Unix-Syslog-<version>. I just discovered the `tardist' target in the Makefile :^)
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