Changes for version 0.02 - 2009-05-09

  • Made a few minor changes, including some to the structure of the distro to allow things to look right on CPAN. Includes a couple of minor fixes in the spam tests.


scans for spam in a given configuration


Tools to automoderate Web-based spam
models a spam archive for the modbot
implements a spam archive as an HTTP POST URL.
tools to moderate Web-based spam
a class for ruleset functionality (calls successive tests and returns a composite score)
models a server for the modbot
generic MySQL spam source
implementation of a Scoop server
implementation of a WebBBS server through the file system
a convenient module to organize spamminess tests for forum posts.
count link-like text in a given field.
look up an IP on Google to see if it turns up suspiciously often.
check a list of known users to see if this one appears there.
check for high bits set in characters in a field.
score a post and field based on some text plausbility metrics.
represents a single user in a forum. Since many fora don't formalize identity, the User object does its best in informal situations.
logic for the assembly of historical information about a given user from a forum, insofar as it's available.
tools to moderate Web-based spam
an abstraction of a list of users for a given forum. Since some fora have actual databases of users while others use a sort of quasi-anonymity based on voluntary assumption of an informal identity, the Userbase object provides just enough understanding of informal identity to allow its use for spam detection.