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Michael CH Vu
Dancer::Cookbook - a quick-start guide to the Dancer web framework
Dancer::Deployment - common ways to put your Dancer app into use
Dancer::Development - guide for developers interested in contributing
Dancer::Development::Integration - guide for Dancer's core-team members
Dancer::Introduction - A gentle introduction to Dancer
Dancer::Plugins - interesting plugins to add to Dancer's capabilities
Dancer::Tutorial - An example to get you dancing
MIME::Type - description of one MIME type
MIME::Types - Definition of MIME types
dancer - helper script to create new Dancer applications
lwp-download - Fetch large files from the web
lwp-dump - See what headers and content is returned for a URL
lwp-mirror - Simple mirror utility
lwpcook - The libwww-perl cookbook
lwptut - An LWP Tutorial
Dancer - lightweight yet powerful web application framework UNAUTHORIZED
Dancer::Config - how to configure Dancer to suit your needs UNAUTHORIZED
Dancer::Config::Object - Access the config via methods instead of hashrefs UNAUTHORIZED
Dancer::Cookie - class representing cookies UNAUTHORIZED
Dancer::Cookies - a singleton storage for all cookies UNAUTHORIZED
Dancer::Deprecation - handle deprecation messages UNAUTHORIZED
Dancer::Engine - base class for Dancer engines UNAUTHORIZED
Dancer::Error - class for representing fatal errors UNAUTHORIZED
Dancer::Exception - class for throwing and catching exceptions UNAUTHORIZED
Dancer::Exception::Base - the base class of all Dancer exceptions UNAUTHORIZED
Dancer::FileUtils - helper providing file utilities UNAUTHORIZED
Dancer::HTTP - helper for rendering HTTP status codes for Dancer UNAUTHORIZED
Dancer::Handler::Debug - a debug handler for easy tracing UNAUTHORIZED
Dancer::Handler::PSGI - a PSGI handler for Dancer applications UNAUTHORIZED
Dancer::Hook - Class to manipulate hooks with Dancer UNAUTHORIZED
Dancer::Hook::Properties - Properties attached to a hook UNAUTHORIZED
Dancer::Logger - common interface for logging in Dancer UNAUTHORIZED
Dancer::Logger::Abstract - Abstract logging engine for Dancer UNAUTHORIZED
Dancer::Logger::Capture - Capture dancer logs UNAUTHORIZED
Dancer::Logger::Capture::Trap - a place to store captured Dancer logs UNAUTHORIZED
Dancer::Logger::Console - console-based logging engine for Dancer UNAUTHORIZED
Dancer::Logger::Diag - Test::More diag() logging engine for Dancer UNAUTHORIZED
Dancer::Logger::File - file-based logging engine for Dancer UNAUTHORIZED
Dancer::Logger::Note - Test::More note() logging engine for Dancer UNAUTHORIZED
Dancer::Logger::Null - blackhole-like silent logging engine for Dancer UNAUTHORIZED
Dancer::MIME - Singleton object to handle MimeTypes UNAUTHORIZED
Dancer::ModuleLoader - dynamic module loading helpers for Dancer core components UNAUTHORIZED
Dancer::Object - Objects base class for Dancer UNAUTHORIZED
Dancer::Object::Singleton - Singleton base class for Dancer UNAUTHORIZED
Dancer::Plugin - helper for writing Dancer plugins UNAUTHORIZED
Dancer::Plugin::Ajax - a plugin for adding Ajax route handlers UNAUTHORIZED
Dancer::Plugin::BeforeRoute - A before hook for a specify route or routes
Dancer::Request - interface for accessing incoming requests UNAUTHORIZED
Dancer::Request::Upload - class representing file uploads requests UNAUTHORIZED
Dancer::Response - Response object for Dancer UNAUTHORIZED
Dancer::Route::Cache - route caching mechanism for Dancer UNAUTHORIZED
Dancer::Serializer - serializer wrapper for Dancer UNAUTHORIZED
Dancer::Serializer::JSON - serializer for handling JSON data UNAUTHORIZED
Dancer::Serializer::Mutable - Serialize and deserialize content using the appropriate HTTP header UNAUTHORIZED
Dancer::Serializer::XML - serializer for handling XML data UNAUTHORIZED
Dancer::Serializer::YAML - serializer for handling YAML data UNAUTHORIZED
Dancer::Session - session engine for the Dancer framework UNAUTHORIZED
Dancer::Session::Abstract - abstract class for session engine UNAUTHORIZED
Dancer::Session::Simple - in-memory session backend for Dancer UNAUTHORIZED
Dancer::Session::YAML - YAML-file-based session backend for Dancer UNAUTHORIZED
Dancer::Template - template wrapper for Dancer UNAUTHORIZED
Dancer::Template::Abstract - abstract class for Dancer's template engines UNAUTHORIZED
Dancer::Template::Simple - pure Perl 5 template engine for Dancer UNAUTHORIZED
Dancer::Template::TemplateToolkit - Template Toolkit wrapper for Dancer UNAUTHORIZED
Dancer::Test - Test helpers to test a Dancer application UNAUTHORIZED
Dancer::Timer - a timer for Dancer UNAUTHORIZED
Encode::Locale - Determine the locale encoding UNAUTHORIZED
File::Listing - parse directory listing UNAUTHORIZED
HTML::Entities - Encode or decode strings with HTML entities UNAUTHORIZED
HTML::Filter - Filter HTML text through the parser UNAUTHORIZED
HTML::HeadParser - Parse <HEAD> section of a HTML document UNAUTHORIZED
HTML::LinkExtor - Extract links from an HTML document UNAUTHORIZED
HTML::Parser - HTML parser class UNAUTHORIZED
HTML::PullParser - Alternative HTML::Parser interface UNAUTHORIZED
HTML::Tagset - data tables useful in parsing HTML UNAUTHORIZED
HTML::TokeParser - Alternative HTML::Parser interface UNAUTHORIZED
HTTP::Body::MultiPart - HTTP Body Multipart Parser UNAUTHORIZED
HTTP::Body::OctetStream - HTTP Body OctetStream Parser UNAUTHORIZED
HTTP::Body::UrlEncoded - HTTP Body UrlEncoded Parser UNAUTHORIZED
HTTP::Body::XForms - HTTP Body XForms Parser UNAUTHORIZED
HTTP::Body::XFormsMultipart - HTTP Body XForms multipart/related submission Parser UNAUTHORIZED
HTTP::Config - Configuration for request and response objects UNAUTHORIZED
HTTP::Cookies - HTTP cookie jars UNAUTHORIZED
HTTP::Cookies::Microsoft - access to Microsoft cookies files UNAUTHORIZED
HTTP::Cookies::Netscape - access to Netscape cookies files UNAUTHORIZED
HTTP::Daemon - a simple http server class UNAUTHORIZED
HTTP::Date - date conversion routines UNAUTHORIZED
HTTP::Headers - Class encapsulating HTTP Message headers UNAUTHORIZED
HTTP::Headers::Util - Header value parsing utility functions UNAUTHORIZED
HTTP::Message - HTTP style message (base class) UNAUTHORIZED
HTTP::Negotiate - choose a variant to serve UNAUTHORIZED
HTTP::Request - HTTP style request message UNAUTHORIZED
HTTP::Request::Common - Construct common HTTP::Request objects UNAUTHORIZED
HTTP::Response - HTTP style response message UNAUTHORIZED
HTTP::Server::Simple - Lightweight HTTP server UNAUTHORIZED
HTTP::Server::Simple::CGI - CGI.pm-style version of HTTP::Server::Simple UNAUTHORIZED
HTTP::Server::Simple::CGI::Environment - a HTTP::Server::Simple mixin to provide the CGI protocol UNAUTHORIZED
HTTP::Server::Simple::PSGI - PSGI handler for HTTP::Server::Simple UNAUTHORIZED
HTTP::Status - HTTP Status code processing UNAUTHORIZED
IO::HTML - Open an HTML file with automatic charset detection UNAUTHORIZED
LWP - The World-Wide Web library for Perl UNAUTHORIZED
LWP::Authen::Ntlm - Library for enabling NTLM authentication (Microsoft) in LWP UNAUTHORIZED
LWP::ConnCache - Connection cache manager UNAUTHORIZED
LWP::Debug - deprecated UNAUTHORIZED
LWP::MediaTypes - guess media type for a file or a URL UNAUTHORIZED
LWP::MemberMixin - Member access mixin class UNAUTHORIZED
LWP::Protocol - Base class for LWP protocols UNAUTHORIZED
LWP::RobotUA - a class for well-behaved Web robots UNAUTHORIZED
LWP::Simple - simple procedural interface to LWP UNAUTHORIZED
LWP::UserAgent - Web user agent class UNAUTHORIZED
Module::Runtime - runtime module handling UNAUTHORIZED
Net::HTTP - Low-level HTTP connection (client) UNAUTHORIZED
Net::HTTP::NB - Non-blocking HTTP client UNAUTHORIZED
Net::HTTPS - Low-level HTTP over SSL/TLS connection (client) UNAUTHORIZED
Plack::Handler::HTTP::Server::Simple - Adapter for HTTP::Server::Simple UNAUTHORIZED
Try::Tiny - minimal try/catch with proper preservation of $@ UNAUTHORIZED
URI - Uniform Resource Identifiers (absolute and relative) UNAUTHORIZED
URI::Escape - Percent-encode and percent-decode unsafe characters UNAUTHORIZED
URI::Heuristic - Expand URI using heuristics UNAUTHORIZED
URI::QueryParam - Additional query methods for URIs UNAUTHORIZED
URI::Split - Parse and compose URI strings UNAUTHORIZED
URI::URL - Uniform Resource Locators UNAUTHORIZED
URI::WithBase - URIs which remember their base UNAUTHORIZED
URI::_punycode - encodes Unicode string in Punycode UNAUTHORIZED
URI::data - URI that contains immediate data UNAUTHORIZED
URI::file - URI that maps to local file names UNAUTHORIZED
URI::ldap - LDAP Uniform Resource Locators UNAUTHORIZED
WWW::RobotRules - database of robots.txt-derived permissions UNAUTHORIZED
WWW::RobotRules::AnyDBM_File - Persistent RobotRules UNAUTHORIZED
Dancer::App in local/lib/perl5/Dancer/App.pm UNAUTHORIZED
Dancer::Continuation in local/lib/perl5/Dancer/Continuation.pm UNAUTHORIZED
Dancer::Continuation::Halted in local/lib/perl5/Dancer/Continuation/Halted.pm UNAUTHORIZED
Dancer::Continuation::Route in local/lib/perl5/Dancer/Continuation/Route.pm UNAUTHORIZED
Dancer::Continuation::Route::ErrorSent in local/lib/perl5/Dancer/Continuation/Route/ErrorSent.pm UNAUTHORIZED
Dancer::Continuation::Route::FileSent in local/lib/perl5/Dancer/Continuation/Route/FileSent.pm UNAUTHORIZED
Dancer::Continuation::Route::Forwarded in local/lib/perl5/Dancer/Continuation/Route/Forwarded.pm UNAUTHORIZED
Dancer::Continuation::Route::Passed in local/lib/perl5/Dancer/Continuation/Route/Passed.pm UNAUTHORIZED
Dancer::Continuation::Route::Templated in local/lib/perl5/Dancer/Continuation/Route/Templated.pm UNAUTHORIZED
Dancer::Factory::Hook in local/lib/perl5/Dancer/Factory/Hook.pm UNAUTHORIZED
Dancer::GetOpt in local/lib/perl5/Dancer/GetOpt.pm UNAUTHORIZED
Dancer::Handler in local/lib/perl5/Dancer/Handler.pm UNAUTHORIZED
Dancer::Handler::Standalone in local/lib/perl5/Dancer/Handler/Standalone.pm UNAUTHORIZED
Dancer::Renderer in local/lib/perl5/Dancer/Renderer.pm UNAUTHORIZED
Dancer::Route in local/lib/perl5/Dancer/Route.pm UNAUTHORIZED
Dancer::Route::Registry in local/lib/perl5/Dancer/Route/Registry.pm UNAUTHORIZED
Dancer::Serializer::Abstract in local/lib/perl5/Dancer/Serializer/Abstract.pm UNAUTHORIZED
Dancer::Serializer::Dumper in local/lib/perl5/Dancer/Serializer/Dumper.pm UNAUTHORIZED
Dancer::SharedData in local/lib/perl5/Dancer/SharedData.pm UNAUTHORIZED
HTTP::Headers in local/lib/perl5/HTTP/Headers/Auth.pm UNAUTHORIZED
HTTP::Headers in local/lib/perl5/HTTP/Headers/ETag.pm UNAUTHORIZED
HTTP::Headers::Auth in local/lib/perl5/HTTP/Headers/Auth.pm UNAUTHORIZED
HTTP::Headers::ETag in local/lib/perl5/HTTP/Headers/ETag.pm UNAUTHORIZED
LWP::Authen::Basic in local/lib/perl5/LWP/Authen/Basic.pm UNAUTHORIZED
LWP::Authen::Digest in local/lib/perl5/LWP/Authen/Digest.pm UNAUTHORIZED
LWP::DebugFile in local/lib/perl5/LWP/DebugFile.pm UNAUTHORIZED
LWP::Protocol::cpan in local/lib/perl5/LWP/Protocol/cpan.pm UNAUTHORIZED
LWP::Protocol::data in local/lib/perl5/LWP/Protocol/data.pm UNAUTHORIZED
LWP::Protocol::file in local/lib/perl5/LWP/Protocol/file.pm UNAUTHORIZED
LWP::Protocol::ftp in local/lib/perl5/LWP/Protocol/ftp.pm UNAUTHORIZED
LWP::Protocol::GHTTP in local/lib/perl5/LWP/Protocol/GHTTP.pm UNAUTHORIZED
LWP::Protocol::gopher in local/lib/perl5/LWP/Protocol/gopher.pm UNAUTHORIZED
LWP::Protocol::http in local/lib/perl5/LWP/Protocol/http.pm UNAUTHORIZED
LWP::Protocol::http::Socket in local/lib/perl5/LWP/Protocol/http.pm UNAUTHORIZED
LWP::Protocol::http::SocketMethods in local/lib/perl5/LWP/Protocol/http.pm UNAUTHORIZED
LWP::Protocol::loopback in local/lib/perl5/LWP/Protocol/loopback.pm UNAUTHORIZED
LWP::Protocol::mailto in local/lib/perl5/LWP/Protocol/mailto.pm UNAUTHORIZED
LWP::Protocol::MyFTP in local/lib/perl5/LWP/Protocol/ftp.pm UNAUTHORIZED
LWP::Protocol::nntp in local/lib/perl5/LWP/Protocol/nntp.pm UNAUTHORIZED
LWP::Protocol::nogo in local/lib/perl5/LWP/Protocol/nogo.pm UNAUTHORIZED
MIME::Type in local/lib/perl5/MIME/Type.pm UNAUTHORIZED
MIME::Types in local/lib/perl5/MIME/Types.pm UNAUTHORIZED
Net::HTTP::Methods in local/lib/perl5/Net/HTTP/Methods.pm UNAUTHORIZED
URI::_foreign in local/lib/perl5/URI/_foreign.pm UNAUTHORIZED
URI::_generic in local/lib/perl5/URI/_generic.pm UNAUTHORIZED
URI::_idna in local/lib/perl5/URI/_idna.pm UNAUTHORIZED
URI::_ldap in local/lib/perl5/URI/_ldap.pm UNAUTHORIZED
URI::_login in local/lib/perl5/URI/_login.pm UNAUTHORIZED
URI::_query in local/lib/perl5/URI/_query.pm UNAUTHORIZED
URI::_segment in local/lib/perl5/URI/_segment.pm UNAUTHORIZED
URI::_server in local/lib/perl5/URI/_server.pm UNAUTHORIZED
URI::_userpass in local/lib/perl5/URI/_userpass.pm UNAUTHORIZED
URI::file::Base in local/lib/perl5/URI/file/Base.pm UNAUTHORIZED
URI::file::FAT in local/lib/perl5/URI/file/FAT.pm UNAUTHORIZED
URI::file::Mac in local/lib/perl5/URI/file/Mac.pm UNAUTHORIZED
URI::file::OS2 in local/lib/perl5/URI/file/OS2.pm UNAUTHORIZED
URI::file::QNX in local/lib/perl5/URI/file/QNX.pm UNAUTHORIZED
URI::file::Unix in local/lib/perl5/URI/file/Unix.pm UNAUTHORIZED
URI::file::Win32 in local/lib/perl5/URI/file/Win32.pm UNAUTHORIZED
URI::ftp in local/lib/perl5/URI/ftp.pm UNAUTHORIZED
URI::gopher in local/lib/perl5/URI/gopher.pm UNAUTHORIZED
URI::http in local/lib/perl5/URI/http.pm UNAUTHORIZED
URI::https in local/lib/perl5/URI/https.pm UNAUTHORIZED
URI::IRI in local/lib/perl5/URI/IRI.pm UNAUTHORIZED
URI::ldapi in local/lib/perl5/URI/ldapi.pm UNAUTHORIZED
URI::ldaps in local/lib/perl5/URI/ldaps.pm UNAUTHORIZED
URI::mailto in local/lib/perl5/URI/mailto.pm UNAUTHORIZED
URI::mms in local/lib/perl5/URI/mms.pm UNAUTHORIZED
URI::news in local/lib/perl5/URI/news.pm UNAUTHORIZED
URI::nntp in local/lib/perl5/URI/nntp.pm UNAUTHORIZED
URI::pop in local/lib/perl5/URI/pop.pm UNAUTHORIZED
URI::rlogin in local/lib/perl5/URI/rlogin.pm UNAUTHORIZED
URI::rsync in local/lib/perl5/URI/rsync.pm UNAUTHORIZED
URI::rtsp in local/lib/perl5/URI/rtsp.pm UNAUTHORIZED
URI::rtspu in local/lib/perl5/URI/rtspu.pm UNAUTHORIZED
URI::sip in local/lib/perl5/URI/sip.pm UNAUTHORIZED
URI::sips in local/lib/perl5/URI/sips.pm UNAUTHORIZED
URI::snews in local/lib/perl5/URI/snews.pm UNAUTHORIZED
URI::ssh in local/lib/perl5/URI/ssh.pm UNAUTHORIZED
URI::telnet in local/lib/perl5/URI/telnet.pm UNAUTHORIZED
URI::tn3270 in local/lib/perl5/URI/tn3270.pm UNAUTHORIZED
URI::urn in local/lib/perl5/URI/urn.pm UNAUTHORIZED
URI::urn::isbn in local/lib/perl5/URI/urn/isbn.pm UNAUTHORIZED
URI::urn::oid in local/lib/perl5/URI/urn/oid.pm UNAUTHORIZED
Changes for version 0.7
    • Using cpanfile with dist::zilla
    • Added before_for any before hooks
    • e.g. before_template_render
    • before_serializer
    • before_file_render
    • before_error_init
    • etc...

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