Author image Michael De La Rue

NAME - get meta information from the modlist


This uses the file from CPAN to get meta information about perl modules.



Creates an object and reads the modlist file if needed. At present the module list is read in for every ModList object created. This may change in future for greater efficiency, e.g. by doing it once and storing the result in a hash in the class.


development_stage() support_level()

these functions return the development stage / support level as defined in the perl modules list using the coding defined in the modules list. This is an interface which is almost certain to change.

description() summary()

these functions return the description from the modules list. This isn't really a very good description, but is better than nothing. As a summary though it's fine.


This returns the pause userid of the author of the module. This can normally be converted into an email address by adding at the end of it. Please don't put that on any web pages without using web trawler poison.