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Tatsuhiko Miyagawa

Changes for version 0.99_07

  • Improvements
    • Bootstrap local::lib directory in ~/perl5 for the first run
    • Bootstrap ExtUtils::MakeMaker, ExtUtils::Install and Module::Build in the first run
    • Support --local-lib|-l option to specify which path to set local::lib dir
    • Added PERL_CPANM_OPT command line option to add global command line options
    • Support curl fallback (squeeky, gfx)
    • Improved the installation success message to indicate it is a new, upgrade or reinstall of the distribution
    • Improved the error message in configure failure
    • Fall back to embedded HTTP::Lite when any of LWP/wget/curl is unavailable
    • Support piping module/dist for cpanm command, like `cat module_list | cpanm`
    • Added --skip-installed option which makes cpanm behave like cpan
    • Documented how to upgrade cpanm itself
  • Developer fixes
    • Remove LWP::Simple and switch to LWP::UserAgent
    • Create a temp file first when to generate standalone executable (gfx)
    • cpanm (without argument) will output a shorten help
    • Changed the NO_LWP env var to --no-lwp option
    • Improved the permission check to also check sitebin directory
    • Added --author option to Makefile.PL to generate cpanm from git repo (gfx)
    • Introduced $depth parameter when installing dependencies. Unused in any places yet
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