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Marc A. Lehmann

Changes for version 1.1

  • one of the most successful releases, in terms of features & bugfixes.
  • it was also a long night. And expensive (irc).
  • renamed gimp_drawable_mask to gimp_drawable_bounds to avoid clashes.
  • new enums.pl, some changes: SELECTION_* becomes * again.
  • compatibility fix for 5.005_58, also fixed a bug in Gimp::Pod.
  • removed register_magic_load_handler from Lib.xs (is in PDB).
  • preliminary <Load> and <Save> support (arguments are automatically supplied).
  • enabled limited pixel access functions even when PDL was not found, just enough to re-enable magick and implement miff.
  • implemented and added examples/miff (a load/save filter for miff images).
  • close DATA in Gimp unconditionally, saves one open filehandle.
  • fixed the longstanding preview bug in Gimp::UI by reversing the order of calls to draw_row. => something in gtk+ is really broken.
  • fixed a longstanding (but never seen ;) bug in old_pdl: pdls that were not sever'ed created garbage.
  • allow dummy dimension in grayscale pdls, i.e. pdl(1,width,height) instead of pdl(width,height).
  • improved gimpdoc & pixelmap.
  • removed debugging code from gouge. ouch!
  • bug fixed: PDL::Core was not automatically required when not already loaded.
  • passing undef as PARAM_STRING passes a zero pointer in install_proc. Required for load handlers. Ugh.
  • fixed typoe in Parasite::is_persistent and implement "new" method.
  • added new convinience function to Gimp::Util.
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  • Gimp::OO - Pseudo-OO for Gimp functions.
  • Gimp::Pixel - how to operate on raw pixels.
  • embedxpm - embed xpm pictures into perl source
  • scm2perl - convert script-fu to perl
  • scm2scm - convert script-fu to script-fu
  • xcftopnm - convert xcf files to pnm files


  • Gimp - Perl extension for writing Gimp Extensions/Plug-ins/Load & Save-Handlers
  • Gimp::Compat - compatibility functions for older versions of Gimp.
  • Gimp::Data - Set and get state data.
  • Gimp::Feature - check for specific features to be present before registering the script.
  • Gimp::Fu - "easy to use" framework for Gimp scripts
  • Gimp::Lib - Interface to libgimp (as opposed to Gimp::Net)
  • Gimp::Module - run scripts embedded into the Gimp program.
  • Gimp::Net - Communication module for the gimp-perl server.
  • Gimp::PDL - Overwrite Tile/Region functions to work with piddles. This module is obsolete, please remove any references to it.
  • Gimp::Pod - Evaluate pod documentation embedded in scripts.
  • Gimp::UI - "simulation of libgimpui", and more!
  • Gimp::Util - some handy routines for Gimp-Perl users