Changes for version 0.24

  • (kg) Fix for init_and_watch and test cases
  • (ms) Added documentation for Log::Log4perl::Config
  • (ms) Added log4perl.additivity.loggerName conf file syntax
  • (ms) Assume Log::Log4perl::Layout prefix of 'relative' layout class names in conf file (say 'SimpleLayout' instead of 'Log::Log4perl::Layout::SimpleLayout').
  • (ms) accidently appending a ';' at the end of an appender class in a conf file now spits out a reasonable error message
  • (ms) added a by_name() method to TestBuffer to retrieve an instance of the TestBuffer population by name instead of relying on the order of creation via POPULATION[x] (for testing only).
  • (kg) Win32 compatibility fixes


Log4j implementation for Perl
Log appender class
Log4perl configuration file syntax
maps java log4j appenders to Log::Dispatch classes
wraps Log::Dispatch::Screen
wraps Log::Dispatch::File
Predefined log levels
Appender class for testing


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