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Changes for version 0.34

  • (ms) James FitzGibbon <> noticed a major bug in Log::Log4perl::Appender::File and provided a patch. Problem was that 0.33 was reusing the same file handle for every opened file, causing all messages to end up in the same file.


Log4j implementation for Perl
Log appender class
implements appending to a DB
Subclass of Appender::TestBuffer
Appender class for testing
Log4perl configuration file syntax
Detect file changes
Log4perl advanced date formatter helper class
Frequently Asked Questions on Log::Log4perl
Log4perl Custom Filter Base Class
Special filter to combine the results of others
Filter to match the log level exactly
Filter for a range of log levels
Filter to match the log level exactly
maps java log4j appenders to Log::Dispatch classes
wraps Log::Dispatch::Screen
wraps Log::Dispatch::File
wraps Log::Log4perl::Appender::DBI
wraps Log::Dispatch::Win32EventLog
wraps Log::Dispatch::FileRotate
wraps Log::Dispatch::Syslog
wraps Log::Log4perl::Appender::TestBuffer
Log4perl Layout Virtual Base Class
Predefined log levels
Main Logger Class
Mapped Diagnostic Context
Nested Diagnostic Context