Installing the package involves these steps:

   1. perl Makefile.PL

   2. make

   3. make test

If everything succeeded assure to have write permissions for you Perl 
Library directories. Then:

   4. make install

"perl Makefile.PL" creates a Makefile for your system. "make" builds the
package, "make test" checks if the module really works at your system
and "make install" installs it to your system. This includes 3 tools:

   map        - maps characters from and to unicode encoding
   mkmapfile  - creates binary mapfiles from textual mapfiles
   mkCSGB2312 - creates a GB2312 mapfile

Typically you will not use the latter two tools.


If you need store the package differently from the default values you
can do so by adding a PREFIX parameter to the first step mentioned above.

   perl Makefile.PL PREFIX=/usr/local/

"make test" FAILED

Oops? Why? Please let me know.