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a simple database interface for Rakudo Perl 6
Parrot's configuration script
Readme to Parrot, version 4.6.0.
Parrot under Cygwin
Parrot under Windows
Readme file for the 'compilers/' top-level directory.
An opcode compiler for Parrot
Readme file for the 'compiler/pct/' directory.
Readme to the 'compilers/pge' directory.
Readme file for the 'config/' top-level directory.
Readme file for the 'docs/' directory.
Readme file for the 'docs/binaries/' directory.
Convert Parrot opcodes to C
Not Quite Perl (6)
Prove is a PIR-based TAP (Test Anything Protocol) Harness
Parrot Virtual Machine
Parrot Configuration
Create Parrot NCI thunks
Parrot bug report
Generate executables from Parrot bytecode
Parrot Plumage
The Winxed Language
Readme to a series of draft documents on Parrot development.
Parrot FAQ for compiler writers in PIR
Parrot Configuration System
Byteorder Conversion Functions
C function decoration guidelines
Debugging Parrot with Microsoft Visual C++
Design Notes for Events
Notes on the PARROT_EXPORT macro
Parrot Calling Conventions in C
Readme file for the Parrot Calling Conventions State Table.
Parrot embedding system
Parrot embedding system overview
Parrot extension system
The FAQ for PIR and Parrot Programming Compiler Developers.
Multimethod dispatch for binary opcode functions
PGE operator precedence table and parser
The Parrot Bytecode (PBC) Format
A Guide to Using an Operator Parsing Table in PGE-based grammars.
PMC (PMC Makers Compendium)
The PMC definition to C compiler.
Parrot Subsystem Porting Introduction
How to use Git to work on Parrot
A Collection of Useful Tips for Parrot Hacking
Parrot Release and Support Policy
Model Users For Parrot Design Decisions
Parrot Component/Interface Stability Classification
Parrot Submission Instructions
Overview of using exceptions in PIR.
A User-oriented Introduction writing PIR.
Productivity Comes in Pretty Colors
draw a blue rectangle using the SDL library and NQP
A simple grep using PGE for matching
Readme file for the 'ext/' top-level directory.
Readme file for the snapshot of the winxed compiler and driver.
Readme file for the 'frontend/' top-level directory.
Readme file for the 'include/' top-level directory.
write a formatter as a Pod::Simple subclass
Readme file for the 'lib/' top-level directory.
Readme file for the 'runtime/' top-level directory.
dynamic Parrot extension files.
Readme file for the runtime/parrot/include directory.
Readme file for the runtime libraries for the Parrot Compiler Toolkit (PCT).
Readme file for the 'src/' top-level directory.
Readme file for the dynamic opcode libs directory.
Parrot Native Call Frame Builder API
The Parrot Virtual Machine Test Suite
Readme file for the 't/archive/' directory.
Core Opcodes
test Parrot::Configure::Options as used in Configure.pl
test Parrot::Configure::Messages
test Parrot::Configure::Step::List
test Parrot::Configure
test Parrot::Configure by running one step
test bad step failure case in Parrot::Configure
test bad step failure case in Parrot::Configure
test components of Parrot's file-based interface to configuration
test what happens when a configuration step has no $description defined
test the --verbose command-line argument
test what happens when a configuration step dies during execution
see what happens when configuration step implicitly returns true value but does not set a result
see what happens when configuration step returns undefined value but has a defined result method
test Parrot::Revision
test Parrot::Revision
test Parrot::BuildUtil::parrot_version()
test Parrot::BuildUtil::parrot_version()
test Parrot::BuildUtil::parrot_version()
test Parrot::BuildUtil::parrot_version()
test Parrot::BuildUtil::parrot_version()
test Parrot::BuildUtil::parrot_version()
test Parrot::Configure::Options::Test
test Parrot::Configure::Options::Test
test Parrot::Configure::option_or_data()
test Parrot::Configure::option_or_data()
test Parrot::Configure::option_or_data()
test Parrot::Configure::option_or_data()
test run_single_step() during configuration
test run_single_step() during configuration
test run_single_step() during configuration
see what happens when configuration step returns an undefined value
test Parrot::Configure::get_list_of_steps()
test --verbose-step option to Configure.pl
test Parrot::BuildUtil::slurp_file()
test Parrot::BuildUtil::generated_file_header()
test Parrot::Configure::_run_this_step()
test Parrot::Configure::_run_this_step()
see what happens when configuration step returns undefined value and has an undefined result method
test Parrot::Configure::Options::Test
see what happens when --fatal-step is set for all configuration steps
test bad step failure case in Parrot::Configure
test what happens when the --silent option is set
test Parrot::Revision
test Parrot::SHA1
test caching in Parrot::Git::Describe
test Parrot::Manifest constructor
test Parrot::Manifest MANIFEST-related methods
test Parrot::Manifest MANIFEST.SKIP-related methods
What happens when MANIFEST has a different name
What happens when MANIFEST.SKIP has a different name
Readme file for the 't/manifest/' directory.
Readme file for 't/native_pbc' directory.
Readme file for the 't/perl/' directory.
test Parrot::Harness::DefaultTests
test Parrot::Harness::Options
test Parrot::Harness::Options
test Parrot::Harness::Options
test Parrot::Configure::Options as used in tools/dev/reconfigure.pl
test Parrot::Configure::Data::get_PConfig() once configuration has been completed
test Parrot::Configure::Trace
test Parrot::Configure::Data::get_PConfig_Temp() once configuration has been completed
test auto::gc
test auto::neg_0
test auto::pod2man
Test functions in Parrot::Headerizer::Functions.
Test functions in Parrot::Headerizer.
test Parrot::Pmc2c::PMC::PrintTree::print_tree()
test subroutines exported by Parrot::Install
test subroutines exported by Parrot::Install
test subroutines exported by Parrot::Install
Readme to Parrot, version 4.3.0.
test Parrot::Pmc2c::Pmc2cMain basic functionality
test Parrot::Pmc2c::Pmc2cMain::find_file()
test Parrot::Pmc2c::Pmc2cMain::dump_vtable()
test Parrot::Pmc2c::Pmc2cMain::dump_pmc()
test Parrot::Pmc2c::Pmc2cMain::gen_c()
test Parrot::Pmc2c::Pmc basic functionality
convert GNU Assembler listing to i386 code array
create initial files for a new language
Generate source for Parrot wiki ParrotFaces page
Fetch language implementations from their source code management repositories
PBC header info and manipulation
create a symlink shadow of the Parrot source.
Rakudo Perl 6 Compiler
automatically write patches for unfudging spec tests
Create a t/localtest.data file from test output.
generate a chart that displays rakudo's progress with passing tests.


install Rakudo Star from CPAN
find your rakudo install
Get a lazy list of a directory tree UNAUTHORIZED
Get a lazy list of a directory tree UNAUTHORIZED
Color screen output using ANSI escape sequences UNAUTHORIZED
simple SVG bar charts UNAUTHORIZED
XML generation and handling UNAUTHORIZED
command line parsing tools
Ops To C Code Generation
Parrot Operation
hints for the Darwin compiler UNAUTHORIZED
Portable implementation of the `which' utility UNAUTHORIZED
capture STDOUT and STDERR from Perl code, subprocesses or XS UNAUTHORIZED
Utilities for building Parrot UNAUTHORIZED
Parrot Configuration Data UNAUTHORIZED
Conducts the execution of Configuration Steps UNAUTHORIZED
C-Related methods for configuration and more UNAUTHORIZED
Configuration data container UNAUTHORIZED
Introduce and conclude Parrot configuration process UNAUTHORIZED
Process command-line options to Configure.pl UNAUTHORIZED
Functionality shared by all Parrot configuration options processing modes UNAUTHORIZED
Options processing functionality for Parrot's standard command-line interface UNAUTHORIZED
Options processing functionality for Parrot's configuration-file interface UNAUTHORIZED
Configuration options shared by both Command-Line and Configuration-File configuration modes UNAUTHORIZED
Run configuration and build tests along with Configure.pl UNAUTHORIZED
Configuration step base class UNAUTHORIZED
Get sequence of configuration steps UNAUTHORIZED
Methods for selected configuration steps UNAUTHORIZED
Populate Parrot::Configure object with results of configuration
subroutines used in t/configure/* tests UNAUTHORIZED
Trace development of Parrot::Configure object through the configuration steps UNAUTHORIZED
Configuration Step Utilities UNAUTHORIZED
Info on the Parrot Distribution UNAUTHORIZED
Docs-Related Directory UNAUTHORIZED
Docs-Related File UNAUTHORIZED
Group of documentation items UNAUTHORIZED
HTML Documentation Page UNAUTHORIZED
Documentation item UNAUTHORIZED
POD to HTML converter
Documentation section UNAUTHORIZED
C source code documentation section UNAUTHORIZED
Compilers documentation section UNAUTHORIZED
Configuration documentation section UNAUTHORIZED
Developer documentation section
Examples documentation section UNAUTHORIZED
IMCC documentation section UNAUTHORIZED
Project info documentation section UNAUTHORIZED
Parrot libraries documentation section UNAUTHORIZED
Parrot ops documentation section UNAUTHORIZED
Tutorial of Parrot Comiler Tools
PDDs documentation section
PMCs documentation section UNAUTHORIZED
Root documentation section UNAUTHORIZED
Perl documentation section UNAUTHORIZED
Tests documentation section UNAUTHORIZED
Tools documentation section UNAUTHORIZED
Plain text to HTML formatter
Git describe string of Parrot
Subroutines used in tools/build/h2inc.pl
Tests run by default by t/harness UNAUTHORIZED
Handle options and argument processing in t/harness UNAUTHORIZED
Generate smoke reports UNAUTHORIZED
Various groups of tests
Parrot header generation functionality UNAUTHORIZED
Functions used in headerizer programs
Functionality for installation programs
PMC to C Code Generation UNAUTHORIZED
Parses and preps PMC PCCMETHOD called from Parrot:Pmc2c::Pmc2cMain UNAUTHORIZED
Create RO version of PMC UNAUTHORIZED
Functions called within tools/build/pmc2c.pl UNAUTHORIZED
Revision number of Parrot UNAUTHORIZED
Git SHA1 of Parrot
functions used in tools/dev/search_ops.pl UNAUTHORIZED
testing routines for Parrot and language implementations UNAUTHORIZED
a test harness for languages built on Parrot UNAUTHORIZED
test functions for Perl 6 Grammar Engine UNAUTHORIZED
Utilities for tests which test POD
utilities for Parrot tests
consolidated test for lots of files UNAUTHORIZED
Functions for manipulating vtables UNAUTHORIZED
for resolving Pod Elt...gt sequences UNAUTHORIZED
framework for parsing Pod
check the Pod syntax of a document UNAUTHORIZED
put Pod::Simple into trace/debug mode UNAUTHORIZED
dump Pod-parsing events as text UNAUTHORIZED
convert several Pod files to several HTML files UNAUTHORIZED
represent "section" attributes of L codes UNAUTHORIZED
turn Pod::Simple events into method calls UNAUTHORIZED
a pull-parser interface to parsing Pod UNAUTHORIZED
end-tokens from Pod::Simple::PullParser UNAUTHORIZED
start-tokens from Pod::Simple::PullParser UNAUTHORIZED
text-tokens from Pod::Simple::PullParser UNAUTHORIZED
tokens from Pod::Simple::PullParser UNAUTHORIZED
find POD documents in directory trees UNAUTHORIZED
parse Pod into a simple parse tree UNAUTHORIZED
format Pod as plaintext UNAUTHORIZED
get the text content of Pod UNAUTHORIZED
format Pod as validating XHTML UNAUTHORIZED
Preempt STDIN during testing. UNAUTHORIZED
Parrot Core Ops
Extra utility code for testing


in rakudo-star/parrot/lib/IO/CaptureOutput.pm UNAUTHORIZED
in rakudo-star/parrot/t/configure/testlib/Make_VERSION_File.pm
in rakudo-star/nqp/tools/lib/NQP/Configure.pm
in rakudo-star/parrot/lib/Parrot/Configure/Options/Reconf.pm UNAUTHORIZED
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/gen/core_pmcs.pm UNAUTHORIZED
in rakudo-star/parrot/lib/Parrot/Pmc2c/VTable.pm UNAUTHORIZED
in rakudo-star/parrot/lib/Parrot/Test/Pod/Utils.pm
in rakudo-star/parrot/lib/Pod/Simple/BlackBox.pm UNAUTHORIZED
in rakudo-star/parrot/lib/Pod/Simple/HTMLLegacy.pm UNAUTHORIZED
in rakudo-star/parrot/lib/Pod/Simple/Progress.pm UNAUTHORIZED
in rakudo-star/parrot/lib/Pod/Simple/TiedOutFH.pm UNAUTHORIZED
in rakudo-star/parrot/lib/Pod/Simple/Transcode.pm UNAUTHORIZED
in rakudo-star/parrot/lib/Pod/Simple/TranscodeDumb.pm UNAUTHORIZED
in rakudo-star/parrot/lib/Pod/Simple/TranscodeSmart.pm UNAUTHORIZED
in rakudo-star/modules/uri/lib/URI/DefaultPort.pm
in rakudo-star/modules/uri/lib/URI/Escape.pm
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/auto/arch.pm
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/auto/attributes.pm
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/auto/backtrace.pm
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/auto/byteorder.pm UNAUTHORIZED
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/auto/coverage.pm
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/auto/cpu.pm
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/auto/cpu/i386/auto.pm
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/auto/cpu/ppc/auto.pm
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/auto/cpu/sun4/auto.pm
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/auto/cpu/x86_64/auto.pm
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/auto/ctags.pm
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/auto/env.pm UNAUTHORIZED
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/auto/format.pm UNAUTHORIZED
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/auto/gc.pm UNAUTHORIZED
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/auto/gcc.pm UNAUTHORIZED
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/auto/gettext.pm
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/auto/glibc.pm
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/auto/gmp.pm UNAUTHORIZED
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/auto/headers.pm UNAUTHORIZED
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/auto/icu.pm
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/auto/infnan.pm
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/auto/inline.pm UNAUTHORIZED
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/auto/ipv6.pm
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/auto/isreg.pm UNAUTHORIZED
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/auto/libffi.pm
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/auto/llvm.pm
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/auto/memalign.pm UNAUTHORIZED
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/auto/msvc.pm UNAUTHORIZED
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/auto/neg_0.pm
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/auto/opengl.pm
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/auto/ops.pm
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/auto/pcre.pm
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/auto/perldoc.pm UNAUTHORIZED
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/auto/platform.pm
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/auto/pmc.pm
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/auto/pod2man.pm
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/auto/readline.pm
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/auto/revision.pm
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/auto/signal.pm UNAUTHORIZED
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/auto/sizes.pm UNAUTHORIZED
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/auto/snprintf.pm UNAUTHORIZED
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/auto/socklen_t.pm
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/auto/stat.pm
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/auto/thread.pm
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/auto/timespec.pm
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/auto/va_ptr.pm UNAUTHORIZED
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/auto/warnings.pm
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/auto/zlib.pm
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/gen/config_h.pm UNAUTHORIZED
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/gen/config_pm.pm UNAUTHORIZED
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/gen/core_pmcs.pm UNAUTHORIZED
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/gen/makefiles.pm UNAUTHORIZED
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/gen/opengl.pm
in rakudo-star/parrot/t/configure/testlib/init/alpha.pm
in rakudo-star/parrot/t/configure/testlib/init/beta.pm
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/init/defaults.pm
in rakudo-star/parrot/t/configure/testlib/init/delta.pm
in rakudo-star/parrot/t/configure/testlib/init/epsilon.pm
in rakudo-star/parrot/t/configure/testlib/init/foobar.pm
in rakudo-star/parrot/t/configure/testlib/init/gamma.pm
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/init/hints/irix.pm UNAUTHORIZED
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/init/hints.pm UNAUTHORIZED
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/init/hints/aix.pm UNAUTHORIZED
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/init/hints/cygwin.pm UNAUTHORIZED
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/init/hints/dec_osf.pm UNAUTHORIZED
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/init/hints/dragonfly.pm
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/init/hints/freebsd.pm UNAUTHORIZED
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/init/hints/hpux.pm UNAUTHORIZED
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/init/hints/linux.pm UNAUTHORIZED
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/init/hints/mswin32.pm UNAUTHORIZED
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/init/hints/msys.pm UNAUTHORIZED
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/init/hints/netbsd.pm
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/init/hints/nto.pm
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/init/hints/openbsd.pm UNAUTHORIZED
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/init/hints/os2.pm UNAUTHORIZED
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/init/hints/solaris.pm UNAUTHORIZED
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/init/hints/vms.pm UNAUTHORIZED
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/init/install.pm
in rakudo-star/parrot/t/configure/testlib/init/iota.pm
in rakudo-star/parrot/t/configure/testlib/init/kappa.pm
in rakudo-star/parrot/t/configure/testlib/init/lambda.pm
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/init/manifest.pm UNAUTHORIZED
in rakudo-star/parrot/t/configure/testlib/init/mu.pm
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/init/optimize.pm UNAUTHORIZED
in rakudo-star/parrot/t/configure/testlib/init/zeta.pm
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/inter/lex.pm UNAUTHORIZED
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/inter/libparrot.pm UNAUTHORIZED
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/inter/make.pm UNAUTHORIZED
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/inter/progs.pm UNAUTHORIZED
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/inter/shlibs.pm UNAUTHORIZED
in rakudo-star/parrot/t/configure/testlib/inter/theta.pm
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/inter/types.pm UNAUTHORIZED
in rakudo-star/parrot/config/inter/yacc.pm UNAUTHORIZED


Other files