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Michael Trowbridge
HTTP::ProxySelector::Persistent - Locally cache and use a list of proxy servers for high volume, proxied LWP::UserAgent transactions
Changes for version 0.02
    • Redid the error structure to make it more perl- friendly. Most functions return 1 upon success or 0 upon failure, so you can now use them like: $out = $select->method() or die $select->error()
    • Added proxied_get() method. This for quick single gets that have to same persistence and reliability as the useragent proxy setting method.
    • Changed up the proxy server lists for the tests to make sure that my tests are testing my module, not someone else's list of proxy servers.
    • Made the test 1/2 as tolerant as the useragent for timeouts. This means that if you set your useragent to time out at 4 seconds, the test times out at 2 seconds to be extra sure that the useragent this module returns will perform to the specs you need.

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