Daemon::Generic::AnyEvent - Generic daemon framework with


 use Daemon::Generic::AnyEvent;
 use Some::Event::Loop::Supported::By::AnyEvent;

 @ISA = qw(Daemon::Generic::AnyEvent);

 sub gd_preconfig {
        # stuff


Daemon::Generic::AnyEvent is a subclass of Daemon::Generic that predefines some methods:


Setup a periodic callback to gd_run_body() if there is a gd_run_body(). Call Event::loop().


Bind SIGHUP to call gd_reconfig_event(). Bind SIGINT to call gd_quit_event().

To use Daemon::Generic::Event, you have to provide a gd_preconfig() method. It can be empty if you have a gd_run_body().

Set up your own events in gd_preconfig() and gd_postconfig().

If you have a gd_run_body() method, it will be called once per second or every gd_interval() seconds if you have a gd_interval() method. Unlike in Daemon::Generic::While1, gd_run_body() should not include a call to sleep().


Copyright (C) 2006-2010 David Muir Sharnoff <>. Copyright (C) 2011 Google, Inc. This module may be used and distributed on the same terms as Perl itself.