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dmarc_http_client - an HTTP client for submitting a DMARC validation request
dmarc_httpd - a web server for DMARC validation and report viewing
dmarc_lookup - look up DMARC policy for a domain
dmarc_receive - receive aggregate reports via IMAP, mbox, or message file(s)
dmarc_send_reports - send aggregate reports
dmarc_view_reports - command line report viewer
install_deps.pl - install dependencies with package manager or CPAN
Mail::DMARC - Perl implementation of DMARC
Mail::DMARC::Base - DMARC utility functions
Mail::DMARC::HTTP - view stored reports via HTTP
Mail::DMARC::Policy - a DMARC policy in object format
Mail::DMARC::PurePerl - Pure Perl implementation of DMARC
Mail::DMARC::Report - A DMARC report interface
Mail::DMARC::Report::Aggregate - aggregate report object
Mail::DMARC::Report::Aggregate::Metadata - metadata section of aggregate report
Mail::DMARC::Report::Aggregate::Record - record section of aggregate report
Mail::DMARC::Report::Receive - process incoming DMARC reports
Mail::DMARC::Report::Send - report sending dispatch class
Mail::DMARC::Report::Send::HTTP - utility methods to send reports by HTTP
Mail::DMARC::Report::Send::SMTP - utility methods for sending reports via SMTP
Mail::DMARC::Report::Store - persistent storage broker for reports
Mail::DMARC::Report::Store::SQL - store and retrieve reports from a SQL RDBMS
Mail::DMARC::Report::URI - a DMARC report URI
Mail::DMARC::Result - processing result object
Mail::DMARC::Result::Reason in lib/Mail/DMARC/Result.pm
Changes for version 1.20140623
    • updated tests to accomodate the cached PSL

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