Ilya Zakharevich

Changes for version 2.010808

  • A night of sleep fixed problems of parse_of_gp with the operator \ and empty lines. (test suite updated) Actually, mingw was not ready for HAVE_OPENDIR. Store which patches were applied in $dir/.perl.patches. Report which patches were not applied. Export patches_for() from BuildPari. pari_tgz build option was broken (by LWP-after-NFTP support code — which, apparently, did not help with timeouts). Ignore 0-size "downloaded" files.
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  • Math::Pari - Perl interface to PARI.
  • Math::Pari - load Math::Pari with specified $primelimit and $initmem.
  • Math::PariBuild - utility functions used during configuration of Math::Pari.