Aaron James Trevena

Changes for version 2.13

  • SVN Revision
  • Bug Fixes : DBD::SQLite no longer required by Makefile.PL CGI handler now produces response for fatal error (bug 29981) Fix to link macro Fix to redirect_request in Apache::MVC Fix to mime detection by file extension Fixed MODIFY_CODE_ATTRIBUTES and FETCH_CODE_ATTRIBUTES to work with mod_perl threaded model
    • Patch from Ben Hutchings http://rt.cpan.org/Public/Bug/Display.html?id=29984
    • fixes for bug 29982 Inconsistency between examples and tutorial (patch from Ben Hutchings) fixed apache_mvc.t to work with Apache2 (bug #29979 patch from Ben Hutchings) added post_chomp as default option for TT view
  • Improvements : link macro now takes a target argument, and has slightly better pod
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