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MongoDB Inc
MongoDB::DataTypes - The data types used with MongoDB
MongoDB::Examples - Some examples of MongoDB syntax
MongoDB::Indexing - Indexing collections
MongoDB::Tutorial - Getting started with MongoDB
MongoDB - Official MongoDB Driver for Perl
MongoDB::BSON - Tools for serializing and deserializing data in BSON form
MongoDB::BSON::Binary - Binary type
MongoDB::BSON::Regexp - Regular expression type
MongoDB::BulkWrite - MongoDB bulk write interface
MongoDB::BulkWriteView - Bulk write operations against a query document
MongoDB::Code - JavaScript Code
MongoDB::Collection - A MongoDB Collection
MongoDB::CommandResult - MongoDB generic command result document
MongoDB::Connection - A connection to a MongoDB server (DEPRECATED)
MongoDB::Cursor - A cursor/iterator for Mongo query results
MongoDB::DBRef - Native DBRef support
MongoDB::Database - A MongoDB Database
MongoDB::Error - MongoDB Driver Error classes
MongoDB::GridFS - A file storage utility
MongoDB::GridFS::File - A Mongo GridFS file
MongoDB::MongoClient - A connection to a MongoDB server
MongoDB::OID - A Mongo Object ID
MongoDB::Timestamp - Replication timestamp
MongoDB::WriteResult - MongoDB write result document
MongoDB::ConnectionError in lib/MongoDB/Error.pm
MongoDB::DatabaseError in lib/MongoDB/Error.pm
MongoDB::DocumentSizeError in lib/MongoDB/Error.pm
MongoDB::WriteConcernError in lib/MongoDB/Error.pm
MongoDB::WriteError in lib/MongoDB/Error.pm
Changes for version v0.704.2.0
  • Bug fixes
    • PERL-376 fixed fatal error loading the MongoDB::MongoClient module before loading the top-level MongoDB module
    • Fixed cursor to catch query or timeout errors that occur after the initial query batch is received
    • Fixed primary server selection to retry for 60 seconds instead of immediately failing with an error
    • Changed bulk insert to shallow copy inserted documents before adding an '_id' field (if it didn't exist) to avoid modifying the original
  • Testing
    • Fixed t/database.t for old versions of mongos
    • PERL-355 Added support for parallel testing
    • Finished converting from Test::Exception to the more robust Test::Fatal
    • Improved test coverage

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