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Changes for version 2.000002

  • BUILDARGS will now always be called on object creation, even if no attributes exist
  • fix required attributes with spaces or other odd characters in init_arg
  • fix (is => 'lazy', required => 1, init_arg => undef), which previously didn't think it provided a builder
  • under 'no Moo::sification', prevent automatic Moose metaclass inflation from ->meta calls
  • don't load Moo::Role for a ->does check if no roles could exist
  • make global destruction test more robust from outside interference
  • fix false default values satisfying required attributes
  • Fix Moose attribute delegation to a Moo class via a wildcard
  • work around case where Sub::Util is loadable but doesn't provide Sub::Util::set_subname
  • skip thread tests on perl 5.8.4 and below where threads are extremely unreliable
  • Allow stub methods (e.g. sub foo;) to be overwritten by accessors or other generated methods. (RT#103804)
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  • Moo - Minimalist Object Orientation (with Moose compatibility)
  • Moo::Role - Minimal Object Orientation support for Roles
  • Sub::Defer - defer generation of subroutines until they are first called
  • Sub::Quote - efficient generation of subroutines via string eval
  • oo - syntactic sugar for Moo oneliners