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Dave Rolsky
MooseX::ClassAttribute - Declare class attributes Moose-style
MooseX::ClassAttribute::Meta::Role::Attribute - An attribute metaclass for class attributes in roles
MooseX::ClassAttribute::Trait::Application - A trait that supports role application for roles with class attributes
MooseX::ClassAttribute::Trait::Application::ToClass - A trait that supports applying class attributes to classes
MooseX::ClassAttribute::Trait::Application::ToRole - A trait that supports applying class attributes to roles
MooseX::ClassAttribute::Trait::Attribute - A trait for class attributes
MooseX::ClassAttribute::Trait::Class - A trait for classes with class attributes
MooseX::ClassAttribute::Trait::Mixin::HasClassAttributes - A mixin trait for things which have class attributes
MooseX::ClassAttribute::Trait::Role - A trait for roles with class attributes
MooseX::ClassAttribute::Trait::Role::Composite - A trait that supports applying multiple roles at once
Changes for version 0.27
    • The latest Moose release (2.08) broke this module. This release fixes MooseX::ClassAttribute to work with both new and old Mooses. Reported by Jonathan Stowe. RT #84263.

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