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Toby Inkster
MooseX::MungeHas - munge your "has" (works with Moo, Moose and Mouse)
Changes for version 0.005
  • Bug Fixes
    • s/find_or_parse_type_constraint/find_or_create_isa_type_constraint/ Fixes RT#92557. Pierre Masci++ <https://rt.cpan.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=92557>
  • Documentation
    • Various documentation improvements.
  • Other
    • Allow Moo-style isa=>sub{...} in Moose and Mouse.
    • Always enable the eq_1 feature; it's never useful for it to be disabled.
    • Remove the absolute dependency on Eval::TypeTiny; allow Eval::Closure to be used in its stead.
  • Packaging
    • No longer depend on Eval::TypeTiny.
  • Test Suite
    • No longer depend on Types::Standard for tests; skip those tests if it's not installed.

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